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love letter to chicago

i miss you, chicago.

since 1990, 2007 was the first year that i did not set foot in the city of chicago. no visits, no weddings, no graduations, no retreats, no classes, nada. i lived in chicago-land from 1990-1994 and have fond, fond magical memories from this city. it set the direction and course for my life. my college years were the start of a long run of incredible years.

like most people post college-graduation, you don’t expect to visit your school or college town too often…. some people go back for the first time at their 10 year reunion and then proceed to only return once a decade. maybe.

but because of efc, a long string of students attending illinois schools(wheaton, u of i, northwestern among others) and my irish friends(i’ve attended the last four u2 tours in chicago), i went back every year from 1995-2006. there was always a graduation, wedding, reunion, retreat, speaking gig or concert. and in some cases, a girl. that string ended last year. a little bit sad and i mourn the loss. i feel too grown up now. like the next stage upon me and the last stage has passed. i’m so much older than i can take. but what a run….and i celebrate the goodness that god has showered on my life. more than i could have hoped for. more than i could have imagined. more than i deserve.
i’ll return one day. i left youth ministry 3 years ago and i have one student left at wheaton. and my cousin just got in too. and a new album comes out in the fall so 2009 looks good.

but the future is here. onto the future and the new things god has for me and this is my future:

dallas….and my niece, jacqueline.

i lied. on a random layover on said trip to dallas in 2007, i wound up at midway airport. resigned that there was nothing to bring me back, i smiled at my realization when i picked up a sunday copy of the chicago tribune. i sensed god’s wink. i got a few footsteps in…….

also…….for those interested like jasmine……

the 2008 world tour has started

2/14 boston

3/8 chinatown nyc

3/24 dallas

3/28 moco, maryland

3/31 seoul

4/18 nyc comic con

7/4 phoenix

8/15 san fran

8/18 los angeles

8/22 san fran

fall/08 alaska

11/26 baltimore

but no chicago……….

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  1. beanya Said,

    No Austin either, I see

  2. Chris Low Said,

    Chicago misses you too! Hopefully we’ll see you around these parts sooner rather than later-

  3. nate Said,

    dude, i’ve can’t believe it. it all started since you gave that one talk at NYSC in like 2003. i was a little kid from boston and the series you gave blew my mind and made my doubt my faith. i always wanted to ask you so much but i was mad shy (they’re still producing asian kids like they used to.)

    so then two summers later my family and i head down to MD and go to this random church and someone mentions your name. i’m like “the hell? this is the same crazy guy i heard two years ago.” i wanted to talk to you then but like all i saw were your boxes: thats right, i missed your move back to NYC by two days. this is sounding gayer by the moment but bear with me bro. no homo.

    and now, you go ahead and preach at my home church a year after i move on to college. what the heck, joseph. i heard those five sermons and it made me lose faith in everything i believed in, and i’ve always wanted to talk to the man who did it. it just seems like i missed you every time.

    so anyways, peace and have a nice time in boston walking on our super bowl parade-less streets. i know one person’s not gonna have the answer to all my questions, but someday, man, i’m gonna take one of those chinese buses to NYC and find you. (again, no homo.)

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