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flashback lost style:christmas edition

a flu wiped me out at the wrong time so i’ve been behind on blogging ever since……let’s catchup…..

we said good bye to our good friends liz and leonard as they headed back to la with a meal at one of their hidden treasures in nyc. its a steakhouse right above the fairway around 72 and broadway. fairway is a regular(but very good)supermarket in nyc and inexplicably they also cook steaks. big honking steaks at reasonable(nyc)prices. we had a great time eating meat….which t and i have given up for lent….we’ll likely break lent at some point using the gift certificates for the all you can eat meat-arama that leonard and liz got for my ordination…….

we miss our friends dearly.

christmas eve and christmas day were spent at da sto. my in-laws have random shops….jewelry, pool hall, beauty supplies…..booze. its not the holidays unless……..

i spend the day catching up on dvds……futurama, alien nation and blade runner. theresa spent it helping sell 40’s and lottery tickets. the program is set up so that koreans can operate it easier.

the official name of the store is called vision! its nice to know that my faith is having an impact on the family. so when people ask me what i did at christmas, i say i spent it at vision!

we proceeded to philly to actually have a more spiritual christmas at chinese mission 2007. i did workshops. t did sound. steff did art. peter did the big talks. LT did everything.

i have done this conference every three years since 1995. but mayhaps my time with youth are drawing to a close. i can still tell some funny jh jokes. maybe that’s the only kinds i can tell.

finally, we wrapped up with a week with the tsangs before the new year! more like the brownings and the tsangs. but life was dreamy and slow…the way christmas used to be

life is good and content. then we all caught the flu. boo flu. yea, u2.
i got my u2.com fan club t-shirt as part of my dues. it also came with a double cd set of a dvd i already own. eh. the real prize we hope are access to concert tickets. i was part of the original fan club, propaganda….and they rewarded me with double access to tickets last time around. hoping to keep my status. i’m also part of the killers fan club and we are part of the hallmark ornament club which used to have two good selections per year but lately, only one. but its the club that allows us to keep collecting the christmas windows ornaments that mark our anniversary each year. more about that in may.

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  1. angelo Said,

    i gave up meat too! =)

    miss you guys! i need to get my butt up there asap!

    we got a crowd of 12 young adults (including winggy, howard and kevin chai) to see “u2 3d” yesterday at the natural history museum down in dc. it was good show, brought back good memories, but it was too short and was missing a number of key songs. they should have opened with “cities” and ended with “40”

  2. nate Said,

    (lol, i posted this in your previous entry, so in case you dont check your archive comments, i’ll repost it.)

    dude, i’ve can’t believe it. it all started since you gave that one talk at NYSC in like 2003. i was a little kid from boston and the series you gave blew my mind and made my doubt my faith. i always wanted to ask you so much but i was mad shy (they’re still producing asian kids like they used to.)

    so then two summers later my family and i head down to MD and go to this random church and someone mentions your name. i’m like “the hell? this is the same crazy guy i heard two years ago.” i wanted to talk to you then but like all i saw were your boxes: thats right, i missed your move back to NYC by two days. this is sounding gayer by the moment but bear with me bro. no homo.

    and now, you go ahead and preach at my home church a year after i move on to college. what the heck, joseph. i heard those five sermons and it made me lose faith in everything i believed in, and i’ve always wanted to talk to the man who did it. it just seems like i missed you every time.

    so anyways, peace and have a nice time in boston walking on our super bowl parade-less streets. i know one person’s not gonna have the answer to all my questions, but someday, man, i’m gonna take one of those chinese buses to NYC and find you. (again, no homo.)

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