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arcade fire/obama can’t stop hillary/longoria

as announced, indie act and agapeshack favorite, arcade fire performed free shows in ohio in support of obama. but the 3 shows could not generate the votes needed to get obama a victory there. this is not a surprise since as beloved as arcade fire is….they are an indie act! during the days running up to ohio and texas, hillary countered by bringing out ted danson(from cheers for the older set)and eva longoria(from desperate housewives for the everybody set) to generate buzz and support. the moral of the story is longoria beats arcade fire. hollywood beats indie.

the story has come full circle for me here because in 2007, i was looking for a ticket to an arcade fire concert outside radio city music hall and was offered one for free! it was an orchestra ticket and since arcade fire encourages rushing the stage, there was a chance to be real close! all i had to do was answer a question….who are you going to vote for, for president in 2008? in highly liberal democratic nyc, i knew the answer(obama). but i answered my conscience and said something else. the guy sneered at me and offered the ticket to a (supposed)obama supporter. a few months later, i was in texas in the front row of an arcade fire show without having to pretend to vote for obama.

oh well…..at least we/I got some nice concert footage from cleveland. here are the three most relevant songs from those concerts for the election:

rebellion(lies)….i have no recollection, senator…….

intervention….for governor bush…..

wake up(i was crying lie a little girl in texas when they came back out and encored with this….with full band version only, of course)

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