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world tour update:dallas

usually we vacation right after easter….a natural end to a run of work and ministry….but this year, we had to delay our vacation to the other motherland because of a wedding and girls football tourney. vision wound up sweeping both leagues as i was officiating. in between easter and wedding/football, i had a few extra days and a free plane ticket soon to expire. it was a no brainer as i headed to dallas to see my niece, jacqueline.

same same same: she’s still bald and super cute; still super squirmy so my parents have a hard time holding her. new new new: she’s got some teeth now and likes adult food. jaq learned how to play hide and seek. and she cries a bit more but generally a super easy baby. yeah, i know…blah, blah, blah. its just another baby to you. but she’s still pretty magic to me.

speaking of magic, for dinner we went to rudy’s….home of good, inexpensive(compared to nyc prices)bbq. it was my parents first taste of real bbq….not like the fake stuff they’ve been getting in nyc. mmmm…moist brisket. the ribs, turkey and sausage were also winners. my mom declared that we were coming back again! she was scraping the bottom of the styrofoam for more of the cream corn that my boy gideon calls “lifechanging”. we did go back for lunch.

more magic! i found my college buddy roger ferris! it was the first time i had seen him since his graduation in 1992! so long ago and yet not so long ago….but the math says 16 years. the internet(specifically facebook)is good for something! i was pleased to see that he still had hair and hadn’t gained 600 pounds like some of my wheaton classmates. asians have the super youth gene that make their cauc-asian counterparts look a bit(lot)older. when i saw some of my classmates at my reunion i was like….you went to college with me? you look like you taught me in college!

roger and i were in the same small group in college…he’s a dear, dear friend that i’m glad to have reconnected with.

another tsang family favorite is babe’s chicken….good old fashioned southern cooking. look at that spread! fried chicken, catfish, tenders, chicken fried steak, corn, mashed potatos, real buttermilk biscuits….if i lived in texas, between this place and rudy’s, i may well also gain 600lbs!

another great but too short trip to the lone star state! i’ll close with jaq going crazy almost on cue to my ipod playing pixar’s jack jack attack. how does she do that?

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