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world tour:korean leftover loki fun

it’s over! to the displeasure of my sweet t, our trip to korea ended and we were headed home(with a big box of seaweed)…..and this is my last post about the fatherland! it’ll center around loki events as in Loki, the Norse god of mischief: weird and surreal cultural things we encountered in korea.

no better place to start than home sweet home….theresa’s aunt’s home where we stayed. i always tease visitors about the “security” cameras that we installed in the rest rooms for their safety(they don’t really exist. really). but how about a security window so that we can check in on you and your progress. i’m not kidding. take a look yourself:

here’s a view from outside the bathroom window and a view of the window as seen inside by the user. what diabolical man with a devious haircut is spying on my sweet t? but seriously, who puts a window in a bathroom….a viewing window???

here are some pics from the folk village showing ancient life including…..some weird rocklifting, manly demonstration of strength that’s got all the boys excited…and uh-oh, someone’s coloring outside the lines!

a friendly nutritional guide to what to eat and not to eat during pregnancy: fish, chicken and rice: good! but beware of duck, horse and dog lest your child inherit their characteristics! eeek!

we are posing with the standard zodiac characters that match up with our birth years….but we noticed the korean attempt to address a typical dilemma in translating the animals into american english. the words selected maybe technically correct but come across offensive. for example, who wants to know be known as a serpent? (though snake is not great either)……but the “rooster” has always generated junior high level snickers.

but all that is fixed with snippets of paper and glue sticks! you can see someone wanted to see what rooster was hiding….and tried to peel the paper with no success. but…….

if you look real close….you can read the secret word underneath……..

from the ultra clean, ultra cool seoul subway system:….nothing seemingly funny or strange at first glance…..just gas masks for the thousands of people riding the subways in case of chemical attack….except….

wah, wah……there’s only 18 of them……the other people get a fire extinguisher.

some bathroom fun…though they say men and women……they both look pretty feminine to me! if i had to pee real bad and there were no words, i would have to pause before running into one of the bathrooms and hope i got it right.

more bathroom humor and my only mockery of korean english…..another confusing mixed message as you look for relief.

even more potty humor……..its poop on a stick. i mean mr. poop on a stick. nothing says i was thinking of you in korea more than this souvenir!

we started this with the can…let’s end with it……a sophisticated one! look at the space age options on this thing! my favorites are the booty washer and dryer. i did not try it. nor did i try the wash my dress option.

but good times in korea overwhelmingly exceeded strange moments. it was a great, great trip(see the multiple earlier entries). i hope to return one day. and even though my sweet t is mad at me at the time of writing, she is still my favorite thing from korea.

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