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more new york city: nintendo world wii launch

the american nintendo flagship store is in nyc so we get a lot of premieres and launches for wii products. the wii fit is the exercise peripheral that has been sold out in japan, england and now here. they did pre-sales with limited edition t-shirts and i snagged two….one for me and one for my girl, dris.

when i went to pick up my wii fit, there was a predictable mob. “sorry, sold out” was heard repeated over and over. i stepped up to the counter with my receipt and received two.

“hey! if its sold out…..why does that guy get two?” i felt like a bag of rice and beans in a refugee camp. the nintendo dudes explained to the masses that i had a presale

i told theresa….let’s get out of here….dem customers is looking at me funny.

we had to wait until dris came to pick up her wii fit so we went upstairs and took turns trying the games out. i didn’t because i don’t like to do things in public….a very weird personal quirk considering what i do on a weekly basis.

 if you look carefully behind theresa’s booty, you’ll see our nintendo booty.

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  1. t Said,

    we look like midgets playing with the fit. me more so than steph >_<

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