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all star game postscript

my yankee buddy jackie got the green light from her husband, larry to buy anything she wanted from the all star game. but she had the same attitude that i did. why buy today when its all going on sale tomorrow? its like buying christmas candy on dec 25 when you can buy it dec 26. or buying easter candy the day after easter sunday. i can wait one more day. and i did. so i picked up this shirt for $10 at 50% off or more. there were ample supplies of multiple styles.

larry said we were being chinese. jackie said…no….we’re being smart.

to thank me for taking her to the all star game….while she was doing her own yankee all star scavenging, jackie picked this up for me:

jerseys are expensive. but the all star jerseys were half the price of most authetics and with 50% off i was tempted to get one myself but after getting to go to all star week events, i was satisfied with my t-shirt. but jackie wanted to upgrade me. she got a jeter all star jersey. we’ll wear them for the yankee stadium tour and hopefully the playoffs! however, the yankees have been in a downward slide lately……

but thanks, jackie!

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