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world tour update:magic mountain…and los angeles

our updates for los angeles have gotten stale….haircuts,coloring, blah blah, blah….bbq, meat, pork, beef, yada yada yada. and our trips are spent mostly spent with family running errands like taking grandma to the doctor, picking up prescriptions, babysitting while adults go golfing. so not much excitement.

but one highlight might be our love of coasters and our visit to 6 flags premiere coaster park in valencia. we are coaster connoisseurs and try to go to at least one amusement park a year. i don’t know how many more years i’ll be able to do that….since i’m starting to feel my brain swish around in my skull when i ride these things now….but today i was fine.

last time we came here to magic mountain, it was offseason, so not all the rides were open. and new ones were still being constructed. but this crazy one called x, seen here in the foreground, rocked our world….later, we found out that it’s universally praised as a top ten coaster in the world! it felt like it……..it is definitely at the top of my list.

x recently got an upgrade to x2! you are loaded up standard but then quickly thrown every which way like they are trying to eject you off the ride!

upgrades as far as we could tell were a soundtrack including music and screaming, a paint job and some flames that you pass by that shock you with the intense heat. smoke, mirrors and hype mostly.

one of the downgrades was new seats that make the ride less scary! maybe it was too much for some folks. weird that they would hype up more thrills and actually reduce it. but its still theresa’s favorite too.

the tatsu was not finished when we were last here but we were intrigued by the promise of flying through the skies. what could they mean? once again, you are loaded in a standard fashion but then quickly…well, you see. the scary part of the ride is that the chest restraint opens outward and that same restraint is what separates you from a 300 foot fall to the ground. you wonder the whole time if this harness will hold. scary but maybe for the wrong reason.

the crowds were pretty heavy at the start of the day but that did not stop us from our obsession with the front row as we rode all the coasters in the front.  the ride and the view from the front row is totally different….its like another ride. mostly because from the front, its harder to anticipate where the car is going….even from the second row, you have the seats ahead of you to clue you in on what’s next. its worth waiting for the front. later, the crowds did thin a bit and made things easier.

8 or 9 roller coasters more and we were satisfied. actually, theresa had a headache. too much brain sloshing for her. but this is a great park for thrill rides from suspended to standing to loops to state of the art to wooden classics. if you are ever in la, head up to valencia and magic mountain.

after the park, we were off to wana iguana for some fish tacos…..the rest of our california adventures will be detailed in my food reviews. stayed tuned!

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