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live from new york

the new york landmark that is saturday night live…has its critics, detractor, imitators, competition and people who continue to wait for its final burial. but its still around and no other late night show has impacted society and pop culture than snl. especially during the political season. below are an array from the current skirmishes with obama, hilary, mcain…and now, palin.

tickets are distributed via lottery each august. one in theory submits an email and receives tickets if chosen. in theory because i have yet to win. the process is very don’t call us, we’ll call you….but how do i know you received my request??? tickets also come by lining up the day off which in ny translates to the night before. i might have to wind up doing this to get in.

these were the debate sketches that brought to national light that the media coddles obama and harshly treats clinton:

here’s the second one.

here’s an nba promotion spoof depicting the obama/clinton rivalry. i wonder how much this confirmed suspicions of hilary’s entitlement.

i have always loved john mccain on snl. he is self deprecating, sarcastic and so real. he’s got great comedic instincts.

here tina fey passionately pleads hilary’s case. she did wind up winning the primaries that followed!

but here is tracey morgan’s response…..and we know the results for his choice.

and here’s what many think will actually take place next year:

finally, a bonus video with mike huckabee…..i always thought he was a comedian! i’ve been laughing at him since day 1. but here, he’s harmless!

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