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world tour update: moco this saturday

SPX - The Expo

independent comics are like indie movies or indie music…..artists using their talents outside the mainstream to express theor vision and to tell their unique stories. there are two mega-indie comic shows in the us each year….one in sf and to my delight, one in bethesda, maryland. there are a dozen or so smaller shows trying to expand the market but these are the ones indie artists trek to to get buzz and hope to get discovered. but for years, taking advantage of living in montgomery county, the cbc pm would go to the small press expo in its various incarnations meeting artists like frank miller, paul pope, art spiegelman, jeff smith, craig thompson, ted rall and kyle baker. some bigger names but mostly lovable dreamers doing it for the love of the medium.

after a two year break post move to new york city, we returned to the show in 2007. and yay!…we will get to go this saturday only. so if you are in the area, stop by for our only area appearance. lunch is likely at urban bbq. a possible lost and found concert in the evening but not confirmed.

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