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my top ten political predictions: fall 2008

I don’t know if this will be prophetic or pathetic but here goes with my best guesses…(mostly)in order of how they will happen:

10) sarah palin will avoid any more interviews

9) colin powell will endorse obama

8)osama bin laden will be captured and/or a major stateside terrorist activity will be averted in time for the election

7) whatever lead obama has on election day will shrink resulting in a very tight race.

6) riots will happen whether obama wins or loses

5) obama will win the presidency.

4)gov arnold schwarzenegger will get a cabinet position in the obama administration

3)assassination attempts will be a frequent occurrence. Until.

2) Manny will sign with the Yankees.

1) Bloomberg wins third term as mayor of nyc

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  1. Tim Said,

    I would love manny to go to the yankees. he was such a headache here and i hope he’s the same there. but i sure do miss his hitting

  2. hosive Said,

    i’m not in favor of signing manny but clearly he’s on a mission to stick it to boston. the enemy of my enemy s my ???

  3. hosive Said,

    and i’m predicting things…..not approving them

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