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the magical fall:20 year high school reunion

a few weeks ago i went to my 20 year high school reunion. i would have posted earlier but i blinked and a few weeks passed. just like i blinked and it was 20 years.

this time passing quickly is mostly a good thing….i feel the richness and fullness of life….which makes time just fly. recently, chris rock joked that when you have(a good life)time passes quicker…when you have(a crappy life), time just crawls and you wind up playing the time game at work….begging for time to move. so time blowing by…..its a double edged blessing.

going to reunions can be a mind game…will anyone remember you? will you see people that you want to see? will it be a waste of money for a drink and some finger food? there are a lot of fears running through your head. especially after my 10 year reunion where there were a few folks i was excited to see but inexplicably did not recognize me. what a nightmare!

i wonder what mental obstacles stopped some of my classmates from coming.

i ate those fears and went with anticipation of seeing people especially people that i may not have seen in 20 years…..not since the 80’s!

most of the people i connected with were from this strange civic education program that i was part of at bronx science. it was a social experiment envisioned by lawrence kohlberg of moral development theory fame. the community had mixed results especially the day we learned that dr. kohlberg drowned himself but the upside were these deeper relationships because of the time spent together. my closer friends during my high school years came from c.e.p……many who i had hoped to see. no luck with the majority of those but i did connect with a few i saw from the 10 year and one dear friend from 20 years ago.

i think about 200 of my peers showed up…which is about 20%. that’s right, 20%…the rumor is that because we were the 50th anniversary class, they let in more students that year pushing the class from the usual 800 to the astounding 1000. in fact, when i was in college i met another student from nyc.  i then found out that she also graduated from my high school.  the same year i graduated! 1988! we were from the same school and the same year…and never met each other!

hoping to see some of my friends from the missing 800 at the 25, 30, 35 and 40 year reunions. 45 and 50 will likely be a crapshoot….just hoping to make it to those!

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