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my top ten political predictions: fall 2008 update deux

in the early fall i made some political predictions. i’ve updated once before but let’s see how i’ve done since then.

10) sarah palin will avoid any more interviews correct! for the most part…though she did talk more to the media when she started going “rogue” in the last few days to set up her next political step. now she can’t shut up and wishes she did more interviews during the campaign. i’ve never seen the losing veep get so much attention.

9) colin powell will endorse obama correct!

8)osama bin laden will be captured and/or a major stateside terrorist activity will be averted in time for the election

fail! this was my cynical side thinking that the republicans would unleash something to keep themselves in power. i wonder if al qaeda held back until after the elections to get the hawks out of power. i was also thinking bush wants to get bin laden before he gets out of office. who knows if he will…….

7) whatever lead obama has on election day will shrink resulting in a very tight race.

part correct…part fail. the lead did shrink a bit…it was as high as a double digit lead at one point…but that’s polling. however, it was not a close race at all…when ohio and pennsylvania went to obama, it was over….unless mccain won california!

i was expecting this country to be very very racist and simply not vote for obama because! but maybe that new day has arrived. maybe mlk’s dream has broken through.

6) riots will happen whether obama wins or loses

fail! and i am happy that i was wrong about this. i thought people would not know what to do with themselves in victory. its like philly or detroit or chicago when they won championships……they went nuts and turned over cars and burned things. come to think of it….maybe after winning those titles, they got it out of their systems and didn’t have to act the fool.

5) obama will win the presidency.

correct! in hindsight, these predictions look obvious but nothing’s really certain. even obama would point to new hampshire…and he did during the last few days as a call not to become confident…..

so i was parts prophetic and parts pathetic. 4 more to go! updated when they happen…or don’t happen!

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