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from the pages of duh!journal: a very sad new year’s edition

duh!journal scours the earth for dumb behavior….some low brow…some high minded…all duh!

the results of this duh! incident is very sad. but i’ve been preaching against indoor fireworks for years.  i watched many a fireworks display at the mci center during the wizard’s pregame show and thought to myself…even if there is no fire, there’ll be smoke that is inhaled by the people in here! but more and more venues including churches embraced their fascination for the spectacle, making this kind of activity common place!  in this article, our familiarity with indoor fireworks results in a duh! reaction doused with tragedy.

BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) — A fire and resulting stampede left nearly 60 dead early Thursday at one of Bangkok’s most upscale nightclubs, where about 1,000 revelers were ringing in the new year, Thai police said.

The fire broke out at the nightclub Santika about 12:35 a.m., Thai police said. Police revised the death toll down to 58 Thursday afternoon, and said 20 bodies had yet to be identified. Another 100 were believed injured.

Steven Hall, a British national injured in the blaze, told CNN that flames began to spread along the ceiling above the stage where a band and DJ were performing. But some people appeared to believe it was part of the performance.

“At the same time there were people rushing to get out, there were other people who seemed to be lacking a sense of urgency and didn’t seem to realize what was going on,” Hall said.

The blaze started near a stage where fireworks were being used as part of a performance on the club’s closing night, police Maj. Gen. Chokchai Deeprasertwit said.

“It may have been caused from sparks, but we don’t know if it was sparks from guests or from the night club’s countdown display on the nightclub stage,” he said.

Most of the fatalities were Thais, but foreigners have been identified from Australia, the Netherlands, Nepal and Japan, police said. Most of those who died in the building died from smoke inhalation or were trampled in a rush to get out of the club. iReport.com: Eyewitness captures scene of deadly aftermath

Hall said his wife escaped ahead of him, but he got caught in a crowd. “The lights went out, and at that moment, my back started burning and I was breathing in hot air,” he said. Video Watch Steven Hall describe his experience »

British citizen Andrew Jones said he was celebrating in the area when he walked up on the fire.

He said he saw victims being rushed out of the fire on stretchers and spoke to witnesses, including a fellow Briton who saw fireworks being lit onstage.

“He immediately ran out of the building, but immediately when he’d done that the lights went out and he couldn’t see,” Jones said.

The club is located in one of Bangkok’s busiest commercial districts. Its Web site features images of bands and DJs performing on both indoor and outdoor stages, and says that it “innovatively blends the comfort of nature with the excitement of the Bangkok nightlife.”

The site advertises the club’s new year’s party, which was named “Goodbye Santika.”


indoor fireworks turned off people’s danger instincts….they had no reaction to fire! they thought this was part of the show. terrible!

and now more and more, churches are using pyrotechnics! its the blond leading the blind! please! someone stop the duh!ness!

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