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why do i blog? 2009

critics of television hailing it as the harbringer of death and the end of western civilization have a specific sign for the beginning of the end: when there are television shows about television shows. when the empty medium becomes its own subject matter. of course, retrospectives and introspectives of tv have come and gone…and can be very popular.

that thought is on my mind as i blog about blogging. my own blogging. have i reached the self indulgent nadir?

a few months ago, someone wrote and asked me why i blog. at first, i blogged to understand blogging. i didn’t understand blogging so i got into the blogging mode and skin to learn about it. i stole the idea from jesus.

but now i blog to capture life.

i have been charmed by the premise of a diary or journal but have always lacked the discipline. but inspired by the challenge to write everyday to become a writer, i started doing just that…writing a little something each day no matter how small.

and what i’m writing about is life…this life i’ve been given under the delusional premise that it is worth capturing…and not just the exciting parts but i attempt to document the very mudane…what we really do…and how we really live.

and even though i write and write…i’ve discovered that i am only capturing a sliver. sobering. but i am capturing a nice cross section….and one day, my now-more-than-hypothetical child will have a living record to see what her old man was like before she was born.

i wonder if the reason i blog will change next year?

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