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rip honey nut clusters squirrel

this used to be my favorite cereal….note the packaging including the prominent squirrel mascot….one day i could not find this cereal at my local market. but since nyc markets sometimes keep some items on limited stock, i worried not. but i could find it anywhere. maryland, nyc, nj…..it was gone! my favorite cereal! i was sad. at least a little.

but after sometime, i was stunned to find this on the shelves:

they had changed the packaging! this looks like it is targeting adults…then it occurred to me…who was the original beloved packaging hoping to reach? kids with adult sensibilities with a taste for nut clusters and a little bit of honey? adults who’s cereal eating habits are influenced by a cartoon squirrel? not much of a market i suspect. i might have been it. so i do not begrudge them for changing the package.

but…i can’t prove it yet…. the cereal also tastes different. its less sweet for sure. it just tastes flat. its just not the same. looking at the nutritional tabs, seems like there is less sugar and less fat. that would do it?

i might try one more package to make sure but i suspect that i will be sad again.

at least a little.

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  1. hoho Said,

    i liked this cereal. i will also be sad if its not the same anymore.

  2. Linda Said,

    I purchased the new package thinking it was the same cereal but it’s NOT. The crunch was gone before I even carried my bowl to the table, it tasted different & I woke up the next morning with my throat swelled & sore.
    This used to be my favorite cereal but I can’t take the chance that something is now in it that I’m allergic to nor do I care for the crunch to be gone so fast & the taste not being the same. Thanks a lot General Mills!

  3. jeffish Said,

    I read they took out the actual nuts and replaced them with nut flavoring when they changed. That would explain the lower fat and the messed up flavor.

  4. Rachel Said,

    I am glad to see that others have been dismayed by Cluster’s latest marketing attempt to get on the health bandwagon … i’m still in shock that they decided to forgoe it’s trusted squirrel mascot.

  5. Ratgrrl Said,

    Thanks for the picture of the Honey Nut Clusters with the squirrel on the box – you solved a cereal mystery! I will try the new version, but I’m not hopeful….

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