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my favorite obama headline(so far)

president obama has been making lots of headlines since entering office…but my favorite headline comes from the day before his inauguration…mostly for personal reasons…..

only a few people would know what i’m referring to…so i will let you in on the joke.


being a speaker, there are cliches that annoy me. most cliches do….instead of writing, saying, thinking something original, we default to a pre-packaged phrase….sometimes even misusing it. “low key” is one of those cliches….to alleviate my anger, i always hear it as loki.

so one night early in my marriage, my wife requested a low key night….and i responded manically- like loki, the norse god of mischief??? and pranced around with hands mimicking horns on my head. theresa wondered what she married.

i laugh that president obama chose to have a low key night before becoming the most powerful man in the world.

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