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from the pages of duh!journal: cinco de quatro and other obama gaffes

duh!journal scours the earth for dumb behavior….some low brow…some high minded…all duh!

did you celebrate cinco de quatro with obama? you don’t have to play the video too long to catch this duh! moment.

he said cinco de quatro…which means a puzzling fifth of fourth. i think its a simple slip. but what if bush had said that?

i’m no bush apologist and i think bush was a particularly poor public speaker especially when unscripted…but as someone who speaks frequently, i understand that if you make x number of speeches or talks, you will also make y number of mistakes and gaffes. so i defended bush and others when they made slightly and even really stupid verbal bloopers. public speaking is one of the hardest skills to master.

when bush misspoke, people immediately equated that with stupidity. but when obama fumbles, people have been quick to forgive. thus the point of a website i stumbled upon after i looked up this obama butchering of spanish for cinco de mayo.

clearly this blogger has his agenda but it is an amusing catalog of duh! moments from our current president proving at least that he is not the messiah.

it comes down to those we love and those we loathe….we forgive our friends while we revile our enemies. its rarely an issue of right and wrong but who we choose to extend grace to.

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