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some of our favorite(home)things: spaghetti and meatballs

i blog primarily to document my life. our lives in and around the agapeshack.

we’ve been painting the wrong picture for you…..we don’t eat out all the time…we actually cook a lot. especially after theresa finished classes at the french culinary institute. so as we transition into our baby days and eating out less….here are some of the everyday things we eat…because we cook them on a regular basis.


this isn’t really cooking but it was a constant in our pre-pregnancy days. we usually go with rao’s arrabiata sauce which is a nicely spiced spicy red sauce that i can likely eat alone over pasta and be very happy. but we also add smoked mozzarella(we aint making that on our own)and italian meatballs from the local grocer.

do we make anything? i do try to make the pasta al dente!


we took a break from the meatballs during theresa’s pregnancy because we don’t trust ground meat. i think doctors tell you not to eat while pregnant. or at least it shows up on a few do not eat lists. maybe a little cautious but in general we are agnostic toward ground up meat products….which is not that crazy.

but zoe’s here…so the risks are lower. at least to zoe!


this is likely the wave of the future….semi-prepared meals…not quite eating out…not really “cooking”.  its certainly cheaper than eating out!

and its the quality of the ingredients that make the meal. no one i know is smoking mozzarella….and i want meatballs with italian sensibilities not asian ones.

i like how we are recreating the vibe of the recent clinton north korean visit.

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