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at the stadium: u2360 nyc….actually east rutherford


two nights at the meadowlands which started out with a scare. we had lower bowl seats but didn’t think about the overhang! a ton of fans had the view on the left the whole night not being able to see the screeen, the lights, the bells and whistles. but luckily for us we were the first row under the loge deck so our view was the one on the right and we had some cover when it sprinkled.



pretty good seats for lower bowl without the baller prices. we like sitting closer to the stage even if its from behind it since they move around and you get the energy of the fans all around the back of the lower bowl.

the setlist was a little disjointed…going all over the place, their catalog and the songs of others: including a bruce springsteen song, a partial version of desire and the omission of theresa’s favorite unknown caller….but its still a good u2 show. rarely do they do a bad show. some are only less cohesive. but i think that’s a u2 snob thing….like a wine connoisseur who can pick up those subtle differences.

once again….driving to a football stadium is not fun. traffic, parking rob the nights of some of the joy. we would rather go to the garden in the city and zoom home in half an hour or less back to the agapeshack. or walk to k-town for some average korean food in celebration. watching cars crawl out to the turnpike blows.


luckily for us, the next night, the great justin drives and victor rides shotgun. here we take a picture with the new meadowlands which is next to the current meadowlands stadium. that’s called foreshadowing.



after taking our time getting to the venue, theresa pumps and we still make it into the pit! its nice to be back close to the boys. it is just a different experience… the energy and the connection to the band are thick….and these are also the some of the cheapest seats in the house. u2 prefers to get as many of these tickets in the hand of the common person as opposed to having an orchestra full of rich, fat cats. for example, bon jovi’s up front seats range up to 2k in a similar sitting arrangement!

the 2 nights have started out with a new opening act for this part of the tour: muse! the first night, we barely made it for u2. but because of the traffic, the second show starts later and we catch muse in full. we enjoyed them in principle hearing most of the stuff for the first time….it did make us wish we knew more of their music. a few more shows left with muse until we are stuck with the black eyed peas.


tonite’s set is much tighter including stay! i’ve heard it three times on this tour already but later it turns out this would be the last time they play it for the 360 tour in 2009. maybe they decided that after bono flubs the lyrics and has to restart. he even makes some small mistakes with the words during streets!

unknown caller is back so theresa is pretty content. this song also goes missing for awhile. we wonder if u2 thinks americans get this song.

overall the ny/nj shows were good but not out of this world which is a surprise. the shows at the garden made some of the best memories for me. maybe its the larger venue. maybe its the larger stage. maybe its nj. i can only speculate.


though we did not sit together, some of us were real close….and we met up to celebrate the night afterwards.

weiling and becky came late and hung out by the soundboard where the vip’s hang. they saw a ton of stars and celebrities.


finally, here we are tailgating after the show as we wait out traffic. the great justin brought tons of drinks, snacks and food from chinatown.

bono announced that this was the largest crowd ever for the outgoing meadowlands….even larger than for the pope or king springsteen. so the traffic is extra killer. but the afterparty takes the sting out of the wait.

theresa snoozes as we drive home.

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