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some of our favorite(charlottesville)things: mas tapas

we’ve been touring with the boys….and eating well…here are some of the places we went in the early fall…and loved.

post concert, we were wondering what charlottesville munchies were available. tiffany suggested this topless bar. i reminded her that i was a pastor…but i was open minded.  tiffany tried again: tapas. not topless.

we called it the topless place the whole night.

this was one of our favorite post u2 experiences because we were able to walk down the street and get picked up. no crazy lines of traffic. no soul wearying trek home. instead, we were off to mas for spanish tapas still with the buzz of the concert in our soul.  i remember a day trip to chicago i did once…flew in one night, concert the next day…eat at a tortas place…then out the next morning…sleeping at the airport.

this was not as nuts but here we are at our victory party….ravenous.

yes…we are eating with members of tim be told.  i coached some of them the night before how to get a good spot on the railing…and they executed to a t.

enough of their free plug. onto the food.

its all about appetizers, small dishes to snack and pass around….we had sausages, figs in bacon, potato cake, shrimp, a pork chili, sliced meats and cheeses….also some ham sandwiches not pictured. all pretty tasty but we were also pretty delirious after another night in the pit. i would order everything we got minus perhaps the potato cake.

part of the fun and charm of the meal is the sharing and community which continued the vibe of the trip.

i am not sophisticated enough to know if these were good tapas or just ok tapas. they are the best in this town….but i likely need to do some more research. any recommendations?

finally, on a whim, i decided to have a guiness. a toast to my irish friends. i almost never drink beer….i don’t get it. i’m more of a wine guy or learning to be. but for some reason, i get guiness..i’ve read its the coffee and chocolate thing…and asian guys dig guiness?

anyway, see you in phoenix.

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  1. Justin Said,

    Dude..the Irish baptize their children in Guiness. I have grown fond of the drink through my particpation in rugby. I would recommend what’s called a “half and half” or “black and tan” (half lager-Harp / half stout-Guiness) which I learned to appreciate while teaching at an Irish Christian Brothers
    parochial school.

    Recommendations for tapas in NYC? Try Cafe Espanol near Washington Sq or El Faro in Meatpacking.

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