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at the movies: a serious man

its at this time of year that a lot of indie movies come out in time for oscar consideration…and usually my favorite time of year to watch obscure movies no one else will talk about. having a baby changes a lot but i’ve still been able to sneak in some time to catch up on some indies released pre-christmas

thankfully, the previews do not give away too much and i won’t either. i know sometimes people are frustrated that i give sparing details on the films i review….that’s on purpose! i like being able to discover a film with very little exposure.

i decided on seeing this movie based on the coen brothers at the helm and the subject matter of figuring out the world from a biblical(in this case jewish)perspective when the crap hits the fan.

the world is mad but we tolerate it as long as things are moving along for us. but when things don’t, as the lead larry gopnik experiences, then we are forced to figure out issues like meaning and purpose…and god? the problems he/we/all y’all face are both tragic and humorous in even painful doses. but is there anything more than what is on the surface? this dark comedy muses and philosophizes.

so this is not for everyone…..liked no country for old men? there will be blood? i heart huckabees? being john malkovich? synecdoche, new york? you’ll like this. never heard of these movies? tickets for the alvin and the chipmunks are plentiful.

on a personal note, larry visits a number of rabbis with varying degrees of experience, motivations and spiritual maturity. its dead on.

i loved this movie…and would watch it over and over. its deep, metaphoric, laugh out loud in the way life is laugh out loud(ie seinfeld and curb your enthusiasm). i think theresa would like it too but just not as much as i did. i might pick up this gem as i doubt anyone else will have this to borrow.

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