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the road less tivo’d: a final intro to the most interesting man in the world(5)

i suspect that tivo would not decrease my television watching time but increase it. so alas, i still watch commercials but find fewer folks to discuss them with. i often get blank looks when i ask…have you seen…..?

i realized that if i posted commercials, my audience may actually be watching them for the first time…but then we can talk about them!

here’s the fifth video in my presentation of this clever campaign.

alcohol ads usually take one of two paths…clever funny is one. alcoholic behavior is the second with a possible third way being a hybrid. but most follow the play book of “hello, i am an alcoholic…and this is my life.”

these ads which have been running maybe trailblazing a new path….completely mad. i love these ads…..as opposed to the smirnoff ads that i have been mocking!

these are fun, snarky…and just plain mad!! i love madness.

stay thirsty, mi amigos!

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