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some of our favorite(phoenix)things: chino bandito

we’ve been touring with the boys….and eating well…here are some of the places we went in the early fall…and love.

once upon a time in san diego on our way back to phoenix, i asked folks what there that was distinctive to eat. some named some soul food places or italian places but i was hesitant because i get plenty of that in nyc. then stephen said, we do have chino bandito…a chinese mexican fusion. i was really hesitant. steven added that it had been featured on the food network. still apprehensive but a good enough recommendation to try the place. also, the restaurant would be able to accommodate our large post retreat crowd.

i loved it. i got my wife a semi-racist t-shirt and was wondering when i would be able to bring her in person.

a u2 tour stop gave us that chance.

the place was started by a chinese lady…so the legend is shared. the gimmick actually delivers with really good chinese flavors delivered in mexican wraps and styling. there also mexican meats and toppings.  that day we got emerald chicken in a quesadilla and a burrito form, pollo diablo(a spicy chicken) also in quesadilla, jade red chicken in burrito with beans, white rice and the super duper great jerk fried rice. topped off by their snickerdoodle cookie that comes with each combo meal. everything i’ve tried has been magical. you can’t go wrong but we ordered our most favorite items.

make sure to get the sample tour before ordering if you’ve never been there before.

and of course, its the company that help make the meal. thanks to christine, herman, joan and john, brad for coming out. and of course, rebecca for coming out to the supermarket to meet us beforehand because she couldn’t join us for lunch. i love phoenix people!

now theresa is wondering when we can come back again. so am i.

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