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baby momma tsang: hot mamma

this is my other wife. sorta.

you probably only know theresa as the tom boy, dress like a boy, frumpy grump. that’s the side she wants to project to you. that’s her clark kent.

but this is the girl i get to see at home! rarely do you see this in the outside world. you get a glimpse of  this in zoe’s. look at those angelina jolie lips! perfect smooth creamy skin. and a girl hairstyle!

what makes her really super is how she cares for zoe…..nursing, changing, clothing, calming, putting zoe down for naps and now making baby food; sample menu for zoe: mango rice with chicken and carrots.

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  1. beanya Said,

    Beautiful in every way

  2. eunnie Said,

    aww, she looks so pretty =)

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