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at the stadium: u2 360 phoenix

in the real world, it is early spring in 2010…the weather is warming up and delightful with the winter a memory. in the blogosphere, it is still the fall of 2009 with the winter approaching. today, we are in new york. back then, we were on the west coast with a pit stop in phoenix. a few more posts from the tail end of 2009 and both these worlds will finally be in sync.


we had heard that u2 does some crazy, crazy shows in phoenix; one of their favorite tour stops since the joshua tree days with their americana, heartland, desert themes. some places had shown a lot of love over the years and the band always brings it on these stops. our little traveling band of friends have always listed phoenix as a future must go. the day may have come.

confident that general admission tickets would be in abundance, i proposed to my u2 tour mate, jon wu….want to go to phoenix? he said my wallet says no but crazy u2 fan jon wu says phoenix sounds good! we got some cheap, cheap tix from southwest for a day trip from la to the desert. i’ve paid more for cabs in nyc!

after a pit stop at chino bandito to say hi to phoenix friends, we lined up for a relatively easy entry into the pit.

we had a lot of time to admire the stadium. what caught my eye were tributes to american hero, pat tillman…the open roof….and the (missing)removable grass field. the field slides outside so that events like this don’t do permanent damage.

occasionally, i point to a cardinals game on tv and say to theresa, hey! we were there.

we saw our third opening act on this leg, the black eyed peas. we are more snow patrol and muse people but we could appreciate the spectacle of the peas. they showed great humility and deference to u2 even though they are currently the bigger hit maker, album seller and grammy winner. in some circles, perhaps it would make more sense for u2 to open for will.i.am and his friends.

then it was more up close and personal with our irish friends. most of our friends know how we roll.

the question is does it get old? for me, it never seems to. its like wine. each bottle is different and we get excited by the subtleties. but for theresa, it is starting to. even with the fact that we get so close so often. she doesn’t know how many more runs she wants to be part of. thankfully, she’ll let me continue my indulgence on a smaller scale.

the show was clearly a dress rehearsal for their la show which was streamed on youtube worldwide and recorded for the dvd to be released relatively soon. this meant a similar setlist, new graphics and theatrics including the return of the achtung, baby-baby. also, bono had his jacket raised to the roof.

i came to the desert to hear perhaps in god’s country or one tree hill but left with neither. we did get the return of unknown caller, which was theresa’s favorite. and i finally got to hear in a little while for the first time on this leg. i think that i have heard all the songs played on this leg from set standards to all the rarities. quite grateful having heard so much of their catalog.

overall, this was a great, great show. one of the best energy shows we’ve seen this time around. a great little day trip.

thanks to phoenix friends for food and shelter for the day/night.

onto la!

as a post script, one unique fun moment during in a little while, bono brings three sisters onstage and they are thrilled to carry his sweat soaked body.

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