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at the stadium: u2 360 rose bowl

we’ve reached the end of our road with our irish friends in 2009(in the blogosphere)…on the west coast…in los angeles for the worldwide broadcast on youtube and shooting for the dvd. its the second dvd filming we’ve been in attendance for.

because the rose bowl will be packed with over 100,000 people and la traffic is the worst in the country, we get there way early with our special parking pass and get a prime spot that gets us out of the lot relatively easily and on the highway back to valencia in a time we couldn’t even imagine or dream for! no problems leaving…but getting to our seats was a scary adventure. the corridors to the seats from the promenade were packed with people and as concert time drew nearer, people got antsy. someone even screamed push! and a riot could have exploded. luckily police or rent-a-cops showed up to save us from mob mentality and we got to our seats with seconds to spare.

a great vibe in the stadium as people anticipate the spectacle of both one of the largest concerts ever and a show in front of the whole world. and the general loosey goosey california no worries atmosphere contribute to the mellowness we feel.

we had seats behind the stage but it is a 360 setup and the band moves around quite a bit. i would rather be toward the back and closer to the stage than in front and watching others watch the show. but anywhere you sit, the music will be terrific. i don’t remember being disappointed at any u2 concert and i’ve sat in all sorts of seats.

the place explodes when u2 burns through their set. it is extra dramatic as the band tries to win over….everyone. everywhere. anyone who cares to watch. the reviews are pretty good post show and the rose bowl even inspires the guys to go back into the studio to record; though we have yet to see those fruits.

the setlist includes everything that the incredible phoenix setlist had plus….i get my snippet of in god’s country! i thought it would come in the desert but i get it in an unexpected place…a nice little wink to end our touring.

new elements include graphics for in a little while featuring the return of frank the astronaut. the band was hoping to have in your blue room make liftoff but it was too obscure and too huh? for the masses. so in a little while soundtracks the space station launching into the stars.

another new feature accompanied theresa’s favorite, unknown caller. the band asked for fan videos to accompany the chorus and the above is a compilation of submissions from all over the globe; apropos for tonite.

it’s our last look at the station until 2010 and we take in the lights, the gigantic video screens, the beacons, the sounds, the 360 view……

soaking in the finale, my favorite off the new album, moment of surrender…..a song they did in one take on the album, lasting close to 10 minutes…sensing and receiving it as a gift from god…confident of its powers, it becomes the closer for each show and the tour.

hopefully not the final time i hear this song….

and so it goes and so it ends.

goodbye, friends….see you sometime in new york.

or anaheim.

one last shot and one last goodbye.

thanks to theresa for allowing, even rolling with and encouraging the madness. you elevate my soul.

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