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baby zoe: fashion week winter 2010

my first fashion show thanks to emo jo and twinkle. its the last fashion week at bryant park…next time will be closer to us at lincoln center taking up the space that the big apple circus normally makes its residence for the christmas holidays. me and mom got a seat because we played the baby and mom/woman cards. dad got to stand in the back because nobody gave up their seat for him. sexism is alive and well.

he’s over my right shoulder.

the show was quick! i think we waited longer in line where they herded the hoi polloi around. vip’s zipped in.

i danced to the funky tunes winning the hearts of the bloggers and the fashion die hards around us. someone wanted to do a story on me but i wasn’t going to be around the next day. wah wah. no one had seen a baby at a fashion show before.

my parents take me everywhere.

maybe i’ll be a model one day. i look pretty nifty in my get up that emo sue got me. all i have to do is lose some weight.

…..forget it! i like food too much. maybe i’ll be a designer instead. or a chef.

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