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at the movies: greenberg

this movie can be dismissed asĀ  another middle aged fantasy about a 40 year old gen x’r who is involved with a 25 year old girl…but here’s what i appreciated about it. and its not what you think. the movie gets the kafka-esque, unbearable lightness of getting older right…not old as in the winter years…but the late summer and with the fall around the corner. what do we make of these years? we don’t think we’re that old but as ben stiller as greenberg discovers at a party with 20 somethings…we are not cool. kids think that we are smirk worthy.

this is a movie about being 40.

there are a few tracks outlined for the 40 somethings: ben’s brother who is living the dream with wife, kids, baller house and 7 week vacation to vietnam(7 weeks????); ben’s best friend who has given up youthful things including drugs and other risky behaviors for a shot at domestication; ben’s ex who is now old and uncool….and then ben who is stuck doing….nothing. since the brother’s trajectory is not accessible all, what will the rest of us choose?

greta gerwig is fantastic as florence….a sweet, lost everyday girl…she gets it pitch perfect as a real 20 something who says things they would say including things that make no sense…there’s no overscripting or overacting. this movie is just as much about her as it is about the title character. she’s just as confused about being 20 as greenberg is about being 40. too many choices…too much time…not enough answers and if there are any, our defenses are on dismissal.

since i am turning 40, this movie was haunting especially in the connection and romance level. ben/greenberg has nothing in common with florence but she’s the one he wants. kind of. when he tries to romance his ex who he is on equal footing with, its forced and she doesn’t want anything to do with him either. so what’s the point of acting your age?

there is also the burden of carrying your regrets. the energy and hubris of youth does not always serve us and your former friends are now here to remind you of the sum of your choices.

there are not a lot of answers….that’s the post modern way. but there is a lot of emotional connection. also the post modern way.

i liked this movie a lot and would watch it over again to get all the nuances and layers. for example, i could have reviewed the movie as most have as a shrink analysis.

i don’t think i would buy this movie. and i must warn less profane readers that there are some strong sexual scenes though they are played for laughs…or is it for sadness. theresa would have thought that there was too much talk.

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