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signs of the end of the world: rape video games

my homage to rem’s its the end of the world as we know it and sport’s illustrated’s sign that the apocalypse is upon us…beyond a moment of zen, this feature displays wtf on steroids! leaving the realm of being humorous or laughable and entering the reality of really disturbing with(at least)one foot in evil territory.

facebook users should go to the original post for the disturbing video report

this will have people nostalgic for the good old innocent days of grand theft auto!

i especially like the couple who finds these games to be somewhat acceptable without a hint of social consequences. anybody ever consider the limits of freedom? …the diminishing returns on limitless freedom?

perhaps even more heinous?…equally heinous? is this tidbit about japan: “The national government is considering making possession of child pornography illegal — currently it is not. But this possible change to the law is due to outside pressure, not internal protest.”

“Japan has ways of expressing sexuality that are practically indecipherable to a Western sensibility but that are so normalized in Japan that the Japanese don’t often understand or acknowledge the critiques that are made against them,” Cleveland says. Cleveland believes the international debate will pressure Japan to amend its laws, making it harder for hentai games to be sold and distributed. He believes Japan will not comply for moral reasons but because “it’s politically expedient.”

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