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at the garden: u2 rock and roll hall of fame concert

my boy q is one of the most positive guys i know. when i was able to pull up tickets to a snow patrol show at the tiny bowery ballroom, he was genuinely happy for me. when i told him that i also won tickets to an even smaller show at sirius radio’s studio for about 35 people…he then said….i was happy for you, but now i am angry and i hate you. here’s another opportunity to draw out q’s wrath.

no one like me should be getting free tickets to the rock and roll hall of concert featuring u2 as the headliner. but see here….

here’s how it happened….my small group co-leader clarence asked me if i knew that free tickets were available online for the show; and would i be interested? and i was like….free?… interested?

in order to make msg seem fuller, they were giving away tickets behind the stage. the catch was that most of the show would be obscured by an obstruction but for the final act, it would be removed providing clear sightlines. now, i’ve sat behind the stage a few times and always had a great time;  i’ve had to pay for those tickets…until now. i signed up and in a few hours, they confirmed my reservation.

i can feel q shaking his head in disgust.

i brought steph since she could get out in time to line up and because theresa is currently burnt out on her irish friends. the website scared us into not bringing cameras threatening to kick us out if we even had them. more brazen fans still brought them….and of course, they were allowed to use them. once again, the rule breakers win.

these are the crappy photos from my cheapo phone. steph’s phone doesn’t even have a camera. we are the last of the dinosaurs.

where we were seated was actually backstage and we saw stars and performers milling around. a lot of them waved to us so that was cool. as you can see, there was a big old wall that blocked us from seeing the first few acts including aretha franklin and metallica. they did set up a few screens for us to watch…and the music was clear…so we still had a good time.

but at the end, the wall was pulled back and we could see our boys…perform with bruce, mick, the black eyed peas and patti smith. a pretty short set and a bit disappointing because we heard the night before the other hall of famers kept playing deep into the night….but, listen to me… free u2 at the garden.with aretha and metallica opening. i will try to sound less entitled.

bonus pic: here’s what it looked like from the front for people with good cameras.

i’m sure q has gotten over it by now. besides, i helped him score ga tix for philly so i am not the only beneficiary of my strange mutant powers.

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