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baby zoe: cancun 2010


world tour 2010 has started….my parents take me everywhere. first stop is part of daddy’s work: doing a wedding at a resort in mexico. its a hard knock life.


i enjoyed the warm weather after being bundled up in layers during the coldest winter of my life(aka my first winter). i also liked the swimming almost everyday.

too bad, i caught some weirdo virus on the way home and got sick for the very first time. next time, mom and dad should wipe down the nappy crib.

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baby zoe: fashion week winter 2010

my first fashion show thanks to emo jo and twinkle. its the last fashion week at bryant park…next time will be closer to us at lincoln center taking up the space that the big apple circus normally makes its residence for the christmas holidays. me and mom got a seat because we played the baby and mom/woman cards. dad got to stand in the back because nobody gave up their seat for him. sexism is alive and well.

he’s over my right shoulder.

the show was quick! i think we waited longer in line where they herded the hoi polloi around. vip’s zipped in.

i danced to the funky tunes winning the hearts of the bloggers and the fashion die hards around us. someone wanted to do a story on me but i wasn’t going to be around the next day. wah wah. no one had seen a baby at a fashion show before.

my parents take me everywhere.

maybe i’ll be a model one day. i look pretty nifty in my get up that emo sue got me. all i have to do is lose some weight.

…..forget it! i like food too much. maybe i’ll be a designer instead. or a chef.

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baby zoe: crawling fail

i was not good at crawling ….i crawled backwards….here i am stuck under the couch, smiling through my embarrassment.

my development has been stall and go…then go, go, go: i am crawling pretty fast these days and toying with standing. grandma thinks i’ll be walking before my first birthday.

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baby zoe: goodbye winter

…you were awesome. i got a lot of snow including my first of all time in maryland. maybe next year, i’ll get to play in it.

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baby zoe: nobody puts baby in a corner!

…but how about a box?

grandma had been complaining that we didn’t get zoe a walker…but our place is already cluttered with baby stuff…and our stuff. we argued that she would be more interested in the box than the walker.

and we demonstrated with a box from another item. we carted her around the apt in the box and she had a wry smile the whole time.  then patiently waited for us as we took pictures before the ride started up again.

frequently she loves the boxes toys come in over the toys. so friends, save yourself some money…just get her some cardboard.

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baby zoe: flash forwards

so much has changed. i can pull myself up and stand. i am also a giant and grandma can only cower in fear as i make my demands.

get me some food…or you will be my food.

also stop watching korean dramas and pay attention to me. then you would notice that i am five times your size and people are taking pictures of you without your permission.

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tsangs make good babies

exhibit a : jaq jaq at 2

exhibit b: zoe pax at 6 months

i have a terrible joke that starts out with the line- so if anybody needs help…..

and theresa glares at me. i swear that i was only going to share diet tips…what to eat during pregnancy.

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baby zoe: easy rider


zoe has logged a lot of travel miles in her short life including a few trips to md and this first roundtrip out to los angeles. people frequently ask how she does….super duper. in fact, when i think about it, there is nothing difficult about my daughter.

during this flight, she was giggling and charming other passengers who i’m sure were not happy to see her at first. babies and flights don’t mix. there was a baby in the back that sounded like she was being strangled throughout the flight. zoe couldn’t figure out what the big deal was and went to sleep.

some of the parents in my church have declared this situation, unfair.

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baby zoe: baptism


zoe was in her usual good baby mode last week at her baptism…rolling with it no matter what.

she’s curious about what her loopy parents had dragged her into this time.


oh, water. i like water!

she was calm even during the healthy dousing of water. family members were amazed.


here godfather q and z meeting for the first time. rev. q was also the baptizing minister.


i think zoe’s officially cuter than your (baptized)baby.

but we’re totally biased….and that’s ok.

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baby zoe: fall sweatshirt weather


mama bear. papa bear.

baby bear.

our magical continues.

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