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zoe pax baptism

zoe pax tsang is getting baptized on sunday november 15 at 4:30 at vision church. come join us in our joy and celebration of God’s grace.

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baby zoe: new friends part deux


i met my cousin jaq jaq last week.


we are getting along famously.

we also have the same fashion sense for fashion week.

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baby zoe: new friends


vision’s baby boom continues…vision church has had a bunch of babies born in the past year including these three girls born within half a year of each other. in fact, the past few years…all we’ve had are girls! zoe was born in between maddie and newly minted kaitlyn…waiting for some boy baby friends(but no boyfriends!!). Go ricky and annie! we already known pat and vicky are continuing the streak. alex and mandy? an unknown, unannounced contender?

here, zoe is taking it all in. measuredly checking out the scene.

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grandmama/poppa tsang: falling in love


my parents will travel almost any distance at any time to see zoe for any length of time.

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baby zoe: daddy’s little angel


an early 100 day celebration put on by theresa’s parents means ridiculous gifts including dresses that are not really for zoe…but for the adults to ooh, ahh and snap pictures. zoe just goes along for the ride in her usual chill manner.

didn’t notice this before while the cameras were going, but in this picture, she looks like a little cherub with wings and all.

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baby zoe: i can hear the music


maybe its because the tour is going to start here in the states in under two weeks. maybe because after listening to the new album for the better part of the year, its starting to make sense for me. maybe i’m delirious after a long, long stretch of preaching, ministering…and waking up at 4am to feed zoe. but i can hear the music….and the songs are about zoe. at least this one is…

here are the lyrics…they all apply…even the line about her tongue…..

“No Line On The Horizon”

I know a girl who’s like a sea
I watch her changing every day for me
Oh yeah, oh

One day she’s still, the next she swells
You can hear the universe in her sea shells
Oh yeah, oh

No, no line on the horizon
No, no line

I know a girl with a hole in her heart
She said infinitys a great place to start

“Time is irrelevant, it’s not linear”
Then she put her tongue in my ear
Oh, oh

No, no line on the horizon
No, no line
No, no line on the horizon
No, no line

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

The songs in your head are now on my mind
You put me on pause
I try to rewind, love, and replay

Every night I have the same dream
I’m hatching some plot, scheming some scheme
Oh yeah

I’m a traffic cop, Rue du Marais
The sirens are wailing
But it’s me that wants to get away

No line on the horizon
No, no line
No, no line on the horizon
No, no line

viva chicago!

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baby zoe: aquagrrrrl

i know that we are biased but zoe looked absolutely adorable in the pool after baptism. she has always been super alert and thoughtful about her world. she usually likes the water in her bath and seemed comfortable in the chlorine at the ghaw household. it was the loud bigger kids that made her nervously clench her fists.

but when the other kids splashed, she was not amused. neither was grandma who called us foolish for bringing her in. theresa laughed and was unrepentant. she knew her daughter’s first dip was a great gift.

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baby zoe: new line on the horizon


after many weeks of same same same….the kind of moments only a parent would love….zoe may have turned a corner: a new level of awareness and reaction.Ā  fun for others and even more fun for us!

the almost overnight cliche applies: her stare was no longer distant but responsive. laughter, joy and cooing are now consistent companions to our presence.

perhaps the really hard days of infant-dom are behind us and now here come the super fun days!

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baby zoe: gangland fairytale


her latest development: my baby has started throwing gang signs in her sleep….

…or she’s flipping me off…

hmm….i’ll go with making gang signs.

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some of our favorite(nj)things: chick fila at the mall

occasionally we travel outside of manhattan so i thought that i would share a few places that we like to eat at when we are not in nyc. again, not necessarily the best or whatever superlativeā€¦just places we go to regularly when we are in your town.

we love ourselves some chick fila. and of course what we love more is free chick fila! so we dressed our daughter up in a godmother made cow costume(make sure to vote for her zoe at http://www.showusthecow.com/photos.php?view=detail&id=557)and headed to nj for some nuggets, waffle fries, chicken salads, chicken salad sandwiches, half lemonade/half ice teas and good ol’ standard of the simple chicken sandwich. the draws are real chicken meat that is always quality and a hint of southern fried goodness.

there is a chick fila in nyc on the nyu campus but they are closed during the summer.

strangely, our pics have no recording of the actual food. i swear we ate all that…perhaps too soon. but i admit that this was an elaborate device to post more zoe cow pics.


here’s godmother alpha with the evidence of zoe’s prize: the 12 piece nugget meal with fries and drink. a lot of food for a little girl! she wound up not eating any! and we had to finish it off for her….its a hard knock life.


and a closeup of the same…..


finally evidence that she was not asleep the whole time! she does sleep well during trips and likes movement especially in cars. i wonder if she’ll have any suppressed memories of this?

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