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baby zoe: cow girl


godmother steph made this cow costume for baby zoe for the chick fila dress like a cow promotion. there’s a few parts including an online contest. you can vote for zoe here: http://www.showusthecow.com/photos.php?view=detail&id=557


great grandma also had a lot of fun with the costume putting zoe on all fours and mooing….above is the image…with the video below:

then it was off to chick fila for a free meal…that zoe could not eat…but we got anyway…..the chick fila folks said she was the cutest cow all day.


be sure to vote! there’s the kid’s contest and then there’s another cow competition that we have not received a link to yet but we will post that one when it comes up. more on the food tomm!

wes gee and others speculated that we would raise our kids to be crazy. mayhaps. or mayhaps crazy fun!

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baby zoe: 30 day celebration


we look elated that somebody let us be parents of a very good baby girl.

she still sleeps in 3-4 hour spurts even at night. as for feeding…she’s gotten bigger and plumper and made it strong to 30 days! i’ll steal a line from michael lee: “long days(nights), short month”


the 30 day marker is a chinese tradition but we celebrate with korean food though we eat noodles that symbolize long life in chinese culture. to steal a line from dave gibbons: “that’s third culture”…and it seems that everyone was well satisfied.


bonus pic: this is the backdrop as we eat….my favorite korean child’s game. it may wind up being my child’s favorite korean game.

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baby zoe: my godmothers


we selected two of our friends to be baby zoe’s godmothers…the job description is to pray for z as if she were their own, play an active role in her spiritual growth and model the love and sacrifice of jesus in their lives. so a big criteria was for them to be in town though the spiritual journeys of these women may lead them elsewhere in the near future.

debby fung has been my friend for over 20 years…being part of three churches together in ny, chicago and md. she was my assistant youth director at the latter church, spiritual confidant, fellow u2 tour mate and constant member of all incarnations of the party machine. her ministry interests and skills can take her anywhere.

stephanie shieh attached herself to us upon our arrival to nyc somewhat due to our proximity to columbia. she is theresa’s cooking, knitting, painting, concert line upping buddy. her travels to kenya and work with aids orphans there give her a global perspective on our faith.

here they are advising us on the usual pitfalls of parenthood:


don’t shake the baby. we already knew that but they double checked.

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baby zoe: feeding well


baby zoe is feeding well this week and has gained at least half a pound. here i am not choking her but burping her. she usually looks sleepy when i am doing this. and strangely old man adorable.

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baby zoe: doe ray mi


as promised…not an overwhelming amount of pictures…maybe just one(or two)pics a week of zoe pax per post with updates on baby, baby momma and poppa tsang.

her short story so far: contractions started friday as theresa was in the middle of a day at work. they became regular at 6pm-ish and we were off to the hospital at 7:30. the waiting game started.

we got our luxurious delivery room at 9ish and the family von tsang slept til 6a saturday. after 2 hours of pushing, zoe pax arrived into the world at 8:10a.

she is generally pleasant but rarely smiles(like mommy). this deceptive pic might be one of the few times she’s smiled so far.

she is a late nite owl keeping daddy up from midnite to 6a. mommy is up every two hours or so to breast feed.

she is gassy and likes daddy to burp her. z prefers to be held by grandma. of course, nourishment is mom’s sole privilege.

when she was born, zoe looked like neither of us. on day two she looked a little like mom, little like dad, a little like this relative and that relative. as the week progresses, she is starting to look more like daddy.

this is z-pax ready to go home from the hospital with the mandatory car seat(needed to check out of the hospital!). uncle victor is waiting for her downstairs.

updates on mom and dad coming up!

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zoe pax tsang

welcoming my daughter, zoe pax tsang into the world. born saturday june 6, 2009 at 8:10am. she is 6lbs 3 or 4 oz depending on which report you believe…and 18-19 inches in length(same reports)

zoe is the greek word for life as in john 10:10..(jesus said):I have come that they may have zoe/life, and have it to the full.

pax is a latin derivative that means peace and sounds like pak(s), theresa’s maiden/family name. wanted to mark her with both family’s names.

hoping that  she brings the world life and peace!

zoe pax to you all!

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not so big house blueprint: baby room part one…

in the book series, not so big house, the key to getting the most out of a small space are niches. even in big homes, what makes a home “homey” are the small little places that feel cozy and safe. where memories are made. so good architects, builders and home makers build little spots into a house or apt to make the space memorable and alive. i’ve been blessed to live in a few places with little nooks and spots that radiate with life.

we bought one of the not so big house books because we were moving from a 2400 sq/ft md house into a 1100 sq/ft nyc apartment. but it turns out the not so big homes in the not so big house books were not so not-so-big. they were huge places! we have different definitions of not so big house!

in these features, i’ll detail mundane little spots around our apartment…..the spots where we live…and life is made.

with the baby coming….we’ve started the process of nesting…here’s the story so far.


this was the guest room with a queen sized aero mattress and queen box spring that we inherited from val. we’ve had this set up ever since we came to ny…even back in our place on the lower east side. but this is no room for a baby.


with steph’s help, i convinced theresa to paint part of the room to make the place feel a bit warmer. so armed with these supplies…..


…the girls got to work…picking a greyish green that felt spring-y but not overly girly…..steph was super excited to paint! theresa was super excited to put the painter’s tape on! i was super excited that they enjoyed doing these things!

we also ordered a crib and some real furniture…about the only other real furniture that we own is the dining room table. we’re mostly ikea people….functional and quirky stuff is what we tend to lean toward. but theresa’s mom insisted on real stuff for our daughter. having been warned that cribs sometimes takes weeks after an initial estimate, we ordered over a month ago. and we’ve waited more than 6 weeks! however, it gave the ladies a chance to paint without having to move stuff around.

more pics and story to come…

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bring on the tour: godmommy gifts

as you know, our irish friends will hit the road soon….first in europe and then in the fall, the states. our small network of friends have been quietly accumulating tickets. evaluating what we can and cannot do. we may have some extras depending on circumstances so if there’s a city you’re interested, be sure to ask. because of ticket limits, we have not been able to help all our friends…..but a lot of them!

but what about baby?

godmother #2 got these for baby tsang. baby mamma tsang got this idea from gwenyth paltrow and baby apple martin in the pit at live 8. these noise cancelling headphones are designed for jetsetting, world trekking, music loving parents, their kids and the kids’ sense of hearing.

we also found out that parents with ga tickets who brought kids with them to u2’s shows regularly got into the pit!

the green is of course, gm2’s idea.

however, our baby will likely be too young at the start of the american leg. she’ll have to wait til the next go around to use these. if we bring a 3 month old to a show…no one will enjoy the show! people around us will be angry!! maybe for arcade fire or austin city limits or something else in the future.

luckily, we have an extensive network of family and friends who will help when we go country hopping including theresa’s grandma who is moving in with us! we go from 2 to a family of 4 in a few months! my parents, theresa’s parents, aunts and uncles in maryland, california and nyc are all eager to get a share of the baby sitting duties! but we’ll see how it goes…..

to be continued…..

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poppa tsang: zoo york city

when our daughter is born, i promise not to go nuts on pics…..maybe one update a week on baby….with another one for mommy and(maybe)one on daddy…..this week, we’ll do another test run of this.

what’s daddy doing this week?

having jaq jaq around, we got to practice being parents in the city including looking for kid friendly things to do. here we are at the central park zoo…a tiny expensive zoo by comparison to other joints but an oasis in gotham for kids with monkeys, penguins, sea lions, pigs, goats, feedings and (some)open spaces.

theresa made me do this.

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baby tsang: weekly test run deux

when our daughter is born, i promise not to go nuts on pics…..maybe one update a week on baby….with another one for mommy and(maybe)one on daddy…..so this week, we’ll do another test run of this.

not my baby and not exactly a tsang baby. at the very least, my father’s grandchild: here’s jaq jaq thoroughly enjoying rice to riches rocky road rice pudding. she came to visit for a week and the week blew by. she was still fun and super brilliant impressing many a vision church member with her extensive comprehension. but she was also more willful and defiant; luckily my sister is able to reign her in when needed.

she amused us with her imitation of animal noises: woof! meow! moo! ugh, ugh ugh(monkey)!

but she brought the house down with her imitation of grandpa: snooooore!

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