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poppa tsang: family ties


these have been epic days in the magical fall. i got to do my cousin april’s wedding to ming chen….her mom, is my aunt and former roommate when we cantonese packed it in after arriving to the country. i barely get to see my mom’s side due to real and imagined reasons and logistics but it was good for my soul to be able to help out my family since i spend so much of my life giving to those i’m not related to. grateful that i’ve had so many more connections at the cousins level since returning into the city. that part of my life is almost a black hole but this weekend was a spark. an epic spark.


we took the opportunity of dressing up and being together to take some family shots. these pics and days are also rare. part of my magical fall so far.

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the magical fall: rumsey playfield with counting crows


its a new tradition for us in the fall…a concert at the charming rumsey playfield in central park. this time with counting crows and their traveling circus of bands. the venue is very intimate and outdoors to boot with a gentle breeze, the sunset, the swaying trees and a sublime, satisfied vibe that embraces the last moments of the summer, anticipating the cooler fall. a great way to welcome my favorite season.

here we are treated to a few songs not on the setlist tonite as a pre-show. a nice thank you for people who showed up early.


my boy, justin brought me to the general admission show and in exchange i passed on my secrets to lining up, sizing up the line, crowd and venue….getting us into the front row. this was the closest that justin has ever been to one of his favorite bands. he is shocked that this was possible! glad to show others how we roll.


i had a great time hanging out and listening to a few bands that i don’t normally get to hear. it was a spectacle as three bands often performed together, doing each other’s songs and having a good time performing. the downside, of course, is that we came to see counting crows…and wished there was more of them and less of the others.

we wrapped up the night with a trip to the shake shack. a great warm up to things to come…..

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the magical fall: guitar hero world tour update!

the last time we found theresa very unhappy with her guitar hero world tour drums because they were extremely insensitive and theresa had to pound the drums to get a minimal response. and sometimes, no response. no fun. the guitar part was fine but the drums were the point of the big o’ box.

the uproar was strong on the internet for activision to do something with rumors of having to ship the entire drum kit back to the factory on our own dime! but instead, activision acted quickly and made this device available for free to all world tour-rs…with promises of properly tuning the device.

we recieved the device quickly but with so much happening in the magical fall, we didn’t get to tune the drums…with only a few days left on our return option to toysrus, we had to make sure that they could be fixed or else we’d be stuck with bum drums.

theresa downloaded the necessary program and went to work with the diagnostics…hooking up the device to our pc to the drums….

look how cute she is…..after some testing, drum exercises and calibration……..

theresa was on her way to drumming fun. she declared that it was now worth playing with! when she’s happy, i’m happy!

so come on over to play with us!

the past year and the past few months especially, i’ve been spoiling theresa in part because so much of our lives revolves around what i do….but also in part to prepare her for the time when she’ll be at home 24/7 with the newborn…i wanted her to have a plethora of circuses in between endless feedings and unrestful naps…and not to go stir crazy.

and thus ends our magical fall…..onto the magical winter!

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the magical fall: leadership network’s asian american pastors’ gathering

in the middle of my ny fall, i got to go out to california for a san diego fall. too bad, it was more like a pacific northwest fall..it was either too rainy or chilly to enjoy much of the beaches and water. still a good change of scenery.

i was here for part 2 of a 4 part gathering of younger asian american ministers for mentoring and ministering to by 3 seasoned ministers: dave gibbons, ken fong and bob roberts.

our first gathering was in dallas where we got to know each other a bit and start covering issues young leaders need to wrestle with….from vision to administration to asian american identity to calling to personal development to family. i loved interacting with the different guys and hearing their ideas.

two distinct groups started to emerge from the second gathering….a group of more entrepreneurial guys who’s heart is to start new ministries and plant new churches….and another group of guys who are focused on long term care and shepherding of the people. planters and pastors. i fell into the latter group. so i connected more with ken fong who has been at his church for decades.  dave gibbons was more for the first group and he was sometimes waaay out there for me but his thoughts challenged and stretched my brain. bob roberts was more in line with dave in a homey southern style.

it was not all work as some of us raced go-karts one evening….and thus begins a host of activities that theresa would have loved. she won some prize money at a company race one time.

that same night we also went out to a pub to watch the election results. strange. no pictures made it to my camera. theresa would have loved the beer too.

another afternoon, we went to legoland to check out the store for exclusives…more theresa loves.

the amusement park itself was closed as it is primarily a weekend attraction during this season. however, they open the gates for anyone who wants to check out their extensive store. there were about 10 other people in the store when we entered. there were some deals, special editions and unique items but nothing theresa would have liked…so i passed on them.

finally i got to hang out with old friends over great meals. L2 always treats us to the yummiest grub in town. in fact, they research it and then bring us. here i am with dj, alice and nat.

i wasn’t able to take theresa this time but perhaps when we head out to thailand she’ll be able to go with us. i’m just hoping i can make it to the third gathering at the end of may 2009…pretty close to our due date. i may have to miss out on mentoring, continuing friendships, side trips in my old hometown….and good eats! but if i don’t make it, it’ll be for something equally joyful and most likely something of greater joy.

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the magical fall: christmas tree

its that time of year again…the most wonderful time of the year….

i’ve been telling theresa all year that christmas is coming…and i was right….its here…along with our christmas traditions….including getting a tree and decorating it….

we love us some real christmas…and some fake christmas….

we bought the tree and gave it a day or two to breathe and spread out….then we gathered some of our city traveling companions…our nyc ‘party machine’

i like this current edition of the party machine(renamed club vision to redeem the moniker and the reputation)because there are members from every era and edition. in every city, there is a group of folks who travel in the city with us as we live life together. we called ourselves self deprecatingly and adoringly the party machine…self mockingly because c’mon, who calls themselves that seriously? worshipfully as a tribute to the snl skit janet reno’s party machine that mocked nia peeple’s party machine. friendship, joy and laughter are the marks of our gatherings.

the 2008/2009 lineup includes these members from past pm’s….weiling from the efc/chicago days, jeremy from the cbc/maryland era, debby from all the incarnations…as well as nyc members only: steph, angie, norman. then there’s me and t…theresa has been part of the md and nyc days…and i’ve been there since the start. the group reminds me of god’s goodness and provision over the past two decades.

our trimming party always has food galore including sweets and savories, breads, meats, fruit, a lil lambic framboise, quiche, fish stew, candies, juices…mostly finger food throughout the night.

after eating, most watch me and steph decorate the tree. just kidding. sorta.

for the most part, it was actually steph…but a few others helped. i primarily directed and put on the finishing touches.

Finally, the last tradition at our christmas tree trimmings: we finish the night watching a u2 concert together. last year, we watched something vintage 1989 from the joshua tree days. this year was 1983ish from red rocks and the war, pre-unforgettable fire era. some strange traditions but they are ours.

and here we are in all our glory. here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore. faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more. through the years, we’ll always be together, if the fates allow. hang a shinning star upon the highest bough. and have yourselves a merry little christmas…now. Let your heart be light. from now on, our troubles will be out of sight. make the Yule-tide gay, from now on,
our troubles will be miles away. and have yourselves a merry little christmas…now.

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the magical fall: thanksgiving

it was a fried turkey bonanza in maryland during the two thanksgiving meals that we feasted on. first, theresa’s (caucasian)uncle was out of town…he usually does the american meal and the korean relatives provide the kimchi….so it was up to theresa and her brother john to produce the festivities. but because of theresa’s pregnancy,  nobody wanted her to do anything so they ordered a fried turkey from a local cajun restaurant. the turkey was decent but i was disappointed in the seasoning and flavoring. it was too similar to a regular thanksgiving turkey. in fact, i think uncle rob’s turkey is better! i guess its wiser to order a ghetto dish like this from a ghetto joint and not such a fancy schmancy place?

but no complaints on food. there was still plenty to sample and indulge in. all this food was for 10-11 people. the family kept cooking the whole day! we had the turkey and the ham and a ton of side dishes! i thought more people were coming over but theresa’s aunt, cousin and brother just wanted to cook independent of who was scheduled to show up.

a few days later, we got a ghetto fried turkey from popeyes….technically, its no longer called a fried turkey but a cajun turkey…but it was much much more flavorful than the gourmet one above.

we used to host an annual fried turkey party in md but when we left, our good friend angelo kept up the tradition with a fried turkey potluck and this is usually where we make our local area appearance during the holidays.

its a gathering of mostly old friends with a few new faces. i’ve known some of these “kids” for almost 15 years now…..and it was here that we announced our pregnancy. i wanted to tell people privately and slowly but i had to prevent people from tackling theresa when they greeted her!

our annual contribution to the fried turkey party is another bird…another favorite…a chain but this one is from guatemala and is a latin american treat. when it opened in the dc area, there were lines and complaints by neighbors about the crowds…and the trash generated by the rabid fans hungry for a taste of home. it features broasted chicken…a unique cooking method that both fries the chicken and roasts it to keep it juicy.

granted there is less broasted chicken than fried turkey but this stuff runs out faster than the purported main attraction. in fact, it is one of the first dishes to go overall.

i am amused at the attempt at worldwide domination….la, houston, dc, nyc…i can understand…but china????

we have a pollo campero in nyc and i need to go sometime!

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the magical fall: no line on the horizon

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the magical fall: trip to duane reade

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the magical fall: raiders of the lost temple of chick fila

when we left maryland to the cosmopolitan metropolis, weknew  that we would be leaving behind(at least)one thing we love for sure….chick fila. we heart this franchise with its tasty real meat sandwhiches and nuggets with a southern spice; their fresh lemonade and sweet tea; and waffle fries…..also wraps and other periodic goodies. since chick fila has a sabbath policy and shuts down on sundays, it makes it nearly impossible to compete in new york…at least to make profit. we searched the website in vain to find a city franchise….however, the rumors persisted of a secret location on the campus of nyu…..an unpublished hidden spot……

gathering clues and asking students directions, my sweet t and her adopted daughters, steph and angie set out to look for some secret chick fila to suprise me with. that’s angie sharing the joy…and steph is holding the camera.

i was speaking on campus giving them time to explore and excavate. the fear was that you needed id to get into the building but it turns out that the franchise is in a public food court.

look how adorable she is happily finding chicken and waffle fries. she’s glowing like she’s pregnant.

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the magical fall: conan o’brien

this the last time i’ll see conan in the fall in nyc as he is set to move to la to take over the tonight show from jay leno. jimmy fallon will then inherit the late night show sometime in march. so the winter is your last chance to catch conan….at least in nyc. here’s how…….

after you go to the late night website on nbc.com to get the number for tickets…call and check for availablity….then reserve up to the max of 4 tix. find three friends and gather on the mezzanine at 30 rock/nbc studios at 49th between 5th and sixth between 2:30 and 3:15 to pick up your tickets and wristbands. the instructions say to come no later then 4:15…but i do this 3-4 times a year…sometimes they hand out better seats in the order that you line up so its worth it to show up a bit earlier(only one time was it completely random where you sat relative to when you lined up to pick up your tickets). then come back at 4:30p to line up according to the assigned placement.

the best part of all this: tickets are free.

this time I went with debby fung, angie and steph.its really nice to have debby back in the fold as our lives had a big hole without her.

snoop dogg, comedian brian regan and musical guest blitzen trapper were on. snoop dogg infuriated steph by saying that football was a man’s sport and not for girls! the usually super funny brian regan was only regular funny…which is still good. blitzen trapper was too folksy for me but its nice to hear real music and not commercial crap.

a bit sad as conan finishes his long run in my city.

conan has already bought a 10 million dollar house in the los angeles area. i hope to one day catch a conan show out there as well.

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