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tsangs make good babies

exhibit a : jaq jaq at 2

exhibit b: zoe pax at 6 months

i have a terrible joke that starts out with the line- so if anybody needs help…..

and theresa glares at me. i swear that i was only going to share diet tips…what to eat during pregnancy.

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baby zoe: new friends part deux


i met my cousin jaq jaq last week.


we are getting along famously.

we also have the same fashion sense for fashion week.

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jaq jaq: new friends


i met my cousin zoe this week. i love her.

see you in texas!

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the jaq jaq strikes back!


what’s with all this zoe talk??? have you forgotten about me??? she’s not the only cutie in the family….look how cute i can be…..

i am a determined, independent woman who has started her collection of handbags…and i look adorable doing so!

ok…that’s all for now…just wanted to keep myself on the tsang family radar….

see you soon in the magical fall!! i’ll hang out with zoe while the adults go to boston to see our irish friends.

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the magical winter: we’re having a….

reintroducing my niece jaqueline with a special announcement:

my uncle joseph and aunt theresa are going to have a……….girl!!!!

i’m going to have a cousin to play with in june!

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the magical fall: jaq jaq

look….i don’t mind telling you that my niece is cooler than your niece. blah, blah, blah, yeah, yeah, yeah….your niece scores better on this and s.a.t. that…but this is america and its all about emotional quotient in the real world. people skills. life. spark. magic. either you’ve got it or you don’t.

your niece may have an advantage during those early years of school where everything is measured from the size of your head and toes to how quick you can calculate when two trains will collide …but once my niece gets freed from the education matrix, the advantage will be all hers while you niece will be regulated to the nondescript masses of society.

my niece is self aware, verbal, intelligent, knows how to work a camera, knows how to make you laugh, charming, social, affectionate, curious, observant……

my niece is going to have good old fashioned texas family values and nyc sophistication while your niece inherits mall rat culture and waits for old navy, a&f and a/x to tell her what to wear.

my niece will be in the front row with us at u2, arcade fire, the killers, the swell season and lost and found while your niece will be into some boy band carbon copy or some bad girl(yawn)”singer”and listen to “music” only one generation knows the words to.

my niece will know real bbq and nyc cuisine from pizza all the way to foodie delights. her grandma will teach her secret chinese recipes. her aunt theresa will teach her how to cook stuff she learned from the french culinary institute. your niece will eat on tuesdays and fridays at tuesdays and fridays, think panda express is real chinese food and get their pizza made by someone who has never even met an italian.

if you aren’t smart enough to figure it out…..this really isn’t about your niece…but my love for jacqueline.

so rest easy. your niece is probably decent.

go love her the way i love jaq and we’ll all be cool.

or maybe your niece is already getting the love that she deserves.

****the views of this post belong solely to the writer and anyone who has met jacqueline and no one else.

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world tour update: charm city, city of angels and big d

my lame excuse for not blogging is that we’ve been busy living and jetting around the country…..

actually, that doesn’t sound lame at all.

our annual pilgrimage to camden yards in baltimore for yankees/orioles. our deal is that we provide the tickets…you provide the car. we split gas and food…and food means baltimore specialties.

while there maybe better crabcakes from hole in the wall and local joints, we don’t do too bad with a sampling of crab yummies from the famous phillips chain. chain usually means bad…but philips means super duper yummy.

we took josiah and wing and the day looked glorious. front row again thanks to daddy pak. also, i caught this omen outside the park. clearly the “birds” were going down to the yankees.

but theresa and her orioles would rule the day and josiah would have to settle for a baseball and millar’s batting glove. just seconds before, wing being the diehard yankees fan red sox hater, was badmouthing mill-ahh…then kevin popped out of the dug out, pointed out josiah and gave him the batting glove. wing responded: “ok….he’s not that bad”.

later, an orioles coach gave josiah the baseball. good thing wing told josiah not to wear his yankee cap.



my texas years continue with more rudy’s bbq and of course, my little niece jaq. i want to see her as much as i can before she’s all grown up. my ambition dies when i think of her. the work and the world seem to fade…the important becomes a joke. all i want is……time with baby. she does this weird, wonderful thing where she looks at you and explores your face with with her hands in silence and in wonder. starting to be more aware and yet an innocence…..curiosity…..and magic….

i’m always looking for magic….

but work is why i did come to dallas this time. i am part of this asian american leadership pastor’s group gathered to learn under some of the elder statesmen of the asian church including dave gibbons, ken fong and jeff lee. it was a great time of reflection and learning….and more importantly meeting fellow pastors and hearing how god is working in their stories.

a talented member of the leadership network staff recreated all the church logos to greet us and i thought the vision logo translated well….looking pretty good.


los angeles!

a short trip so this time around la was centered about family: grandma, aunts and uncles and little cousins not so little anymore. and the necessary runs to korean bbq and in and out!

at the pool, allison does her own cali thing while danny takes after big cousin, theresa.

but it was old, old friends that brought us far west. friends i’ve known for twenty years or more! my friend warren got married to lily. here’s a shot of us old heads. we used to terrorize our youth pastor rick carey. now no one would be scared of us.

vision weddings…even ones on the west coast….have another fringe benefit: seeing vision folks i met not 20 years ago but only a few years ago…hanging out….enjoying the goodies of asian california life.

i miss these guys!

yeah….i was feeling the 21st century angst of not blogging enough…feeling lame……but it’s not that lame….to not be posting….but instead to live! to reunite! to remember! with family! old friends! new friends!

viva la vida and not following death and all of his friends.

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world tour update:dallas

usually we vacation right after easter….a natural end to a run of work and ministry….but this year, we had to delay our vacation to the other motherland because of a wedding and girls football tourney. vision wound up sweeping both leagues as i was officiating. in between easter and wedding/football, i had a few extra days and a free plane ticket soon to expire. it was a no brainer as i headed to dallas to see my niece, jacqueline.

same same same: she’s still bald and super cute; still super squirmy so my parents have a hard time holding her. new new new: she’s got some teeth now and likes adult food. jaq learned how to play hide and seek. and she cries a bit more but generally a super easy baby. yeah, i know…blah, blah, blah. its just another baby to you. but she’s still pretty magic to me.

speaking of magic, for dinner we went to rudy’s….home of good, inexpensive(compared to nyc prices)bbq. it was my parents first taste of real bbq….not like the fake stuff they’ve been getting in nyc. mmmm…moist brisket. the ribs, turkey and sausage were also winners. my mom declared that we were coming back again! she was scraping the bottom of the styrofoam for more of the cream corn that my boy gideon calls “lifechanging”. we did go back for lunch.

more magic! i found my college buddy roger ferris! it was the first time i had seen him since his graduation in 1992! so long ago and yet not so long ago….but the math says 16 years. the internet(specifically facebook)is good for something! i was pleased to see that he still had hair and hadn’t gained 600 pounds like some of my wheaton classmates. asians have the super youth gene that make their cauc-asian counterparts look a bit(lot)older. when i saw some of my classmates at my reunion i was like….you went to college with me? you look like you taught me in college!

roger and i were in the same small group in college…he’s a dear, dear friend that i’m glad to have reconnected with.

another tsang family favorite is babe’s chicken….good old fashioned southern cooking. look at that spread! fried chicken, catfish, tenders, chicken fried steak, corn, mashed potatos, real buttermilk biscuits….if i lived in texas, between this place and rudy’s, i may well also gain 600lbs!

another great but too short trip to the lone star state! i’ll close with jaq going crazy almost on cue to my ipod playing pixar’s jack jack attack. how does she do that?

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flashback lost style:christmas edition

a flu wiped me out at the wrong time so i’ve been behind on blogging ever since……let’s catchup…..

we said good bye to our good friends liz and leonard as they headed back to la with a meal at one of their hidden treasures in nyc. its a steakhouse right above the fairway around 72 and broadway. fairway is a regular(but very good)supermarket in nyc and inexplicably they also cook steaks. big honking steaks at reasonable(nyc)prices. we had a great time eating meat….which t and i have given up for lent….we’ll likely break lent at some point using the gift certificates for the all you can eat meat-arama that leonard and liz got for my ordination…….

we miss our friends dearly.

christmas eve and christmas day were spent at da sto. my in-laws have random shops….jewelry, pool hall, beauty supplies…..booze. its not the holidays unless……..

i spend the day catching up on dvds……futurama, alien nation and blade runner. theresa spent it helping sell 40’s and lottery tickets. the program is set up so that koreans can operate it easier.

the official name of the store is called vision! its nice to know that my faith is having an impact on the family. so when people ask me what i did at christmas, i say i spent it at vision!

we proceeded to philly to actually have a more spiritual christmas at chinese mission 2007. i did workshops. t did sound. steff did art. peter did the big talks. LT did everything.

i have done this conference every three years since 1995. but mayhaps my time with youth are drawing to a close. i can still tell some funny jh jokes. maybe that’s the only kinds i can tell.

finally, we wrapped up with a week with the tsangs before the new year! more like the brownings and the tsangs. but life was dreamy and slow…the way christmas used to be

life is good and content. then we all caught the flu. boo flu. yea, u2.
i got my u2.com fan club t-shirt as part of my dues. it also came with a double cd set of a dvd i already own. eh. the real prize we hope are access to concert tickets. i was part of the original fan club, propaganda….and they rewarded me with double access to tickets last time around. hoping to keep my status. i’m also part of the killers fan club and we are part of the hallmark ornament club which used to have two good selections per year but lately, only one. but its the club that allows us to keep collecting the christmas windows ornaments that mark our anniversary each year. more about that in may.

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love letter to chicago

i miss you, chicago.

since 1990, 2007 was the first year that i did not set foot in the city of chicago. no visits, no weddings, no graduations, no retreats, no classes, nada. i lived in chicago-land from 1990-1994 and have fond, fond magical memories from this city. it set the direction and course for my life. my college years were the start of a long run of incredible years.

like most people post college-graduation, you don’t expect to visit your school or college town too often…. some people go back for the first time at their 10 year reunion and then proceed to only return once a decade. maybe.

but because of efc, a long string of students attending illinois schools(wheaton, u of i, northwestern among others) and my irish friends(i’ve attended the last four u2 tours in chicago), i went back every year from 1995-2006. there was always a graduation, wedding, reunion, retreat, speaking gig or concert. and in some cases, a girl. that string ended last year. a little bit sad and i mourn the loss. i feel too grown up now. like the next stage upon me and the last stage has passed. i’m so much older than i can take. but what a run….and i celebrate the goodness that god has showered on my life. more than i could have hoped for. more than i could have imagined. more than i deserve.
i’ll return one day. i left youth ministry 3 years ago and i have one student left at wheaton. and my cousin just got in too. and a new album comes out in the fall so 2009 looks good.

but the future is here. onto the future and the new things god has for me and this is my future:

dallas….and my niece, jacqueline.

i lied. on a random layover on said trip to dallas in 2007, i wound up at midway airport. resigned that there was nothing to bring me back, i smiled at my realization when i picked up a sunday copy of the chicago tribune. i sensed god’s wink. i got a few footsteps in…….

also…….for those interested like jasmine……

the 2008 world tour has started

2/14 boston

3/8 chinatown nyc

3/24 dallas

3/28 moco, maryland

3/31 seoul

4/18 nyc comic con

7/4 phoenix

8/15 san fran

8/18 los angeles

8/22 san fran

fall/08 alaska

11/26 baltimore

but no chicago……….

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