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world tour update: dallas pastors sci fi fest

what do pastors do after they finish a few days of deep theological reflection and personal introspection?

we watched this:

after the new v, my pastoral cohorts then watched district 9.  nerds!!!

my young wife asked me….what’s v?????

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countdown to new favorites:battlestar and lost

as we hurtle toward the new year, new albums, new episodes and new tours of our favorites are coming….new bsg and lost preview videos were released…let’s start with a bsg video and news:

Battlestar Galactica duo coming out of space closet

A pair of male characters will be revealed not as Cylons, but as homosexual; online webisodes will tell (and show) all.

*****************warning…..spoliers abound*****************

Battlestar Galactica houses one of television’s biggest secrets: Who is the final Cylon? That answer will be revealed when the series continues next year. But now it has another hot secret–which will be revealed sooner. Two of the show’s characters will be outed as homosexual before the final portion of season four airs (not-very-significant-to-the-overall-mythology spoilers inside).

The always reliable BSG blog Galactica Sitrep says that the two male characters will come clean in an upcoming series of webisodes due out soon. In fact, fans won’t have to wait long; the reveal allegedly comes in the first webisode by way of a make-out session.

One of the gay characters shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise: It’s Lt. Felix Gaeta (pictured), played by Alessandro Juliani. His lip-locking partner is Lt. Hoshi, played by Brad Dryborough, the communications officer on the Pegasus.

Sci-Fi Channel has yet to announce the premiere dates for the webisodes, but word is they’ll hit the Net sometime next month. As previously announced, Battlestar Galactica returns for the second half of its final season on January 16.

So, anyone surprised at the two gay characters? Who else did you think they could be?


as for lost…..

The first half-dozen hours of ABC’s Lost now have titles; Jeremy Bentham returns in episode six?

File this under “For hardcore Lost psychos only!!” which certainly applies to us here at TV.com. Any Lost news sets off an alarm around the offices as though someone forgot to punch in 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 into our main server, and details on the mysterious season five are always met with spirited chit-chat.

The latest nugget of info to hit the Internet are the titles of the first six episodes of Lost‘s fifth season, according to the very reliable Dark UFO spoilers Web site. They are:

Episode 5.01 “Because You Left”
Episode 5.02 “The Lie”
Episode 5.03 “Jughead”
Episode 5.04 “The Little Prince”
Episode 5.05 “This Place is Death”
Episode 5.06 “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”

We shouldn’t try to guess what each episode is about, but we’re going to do it anyway. Our guesses (which are probably very wrong):

“Because You Left”–Typical eye-popping Lost season opener. Gives us an idea of what this season will be about, which is about the Oceanic Six returning to the island. It’s more about Ben explaining why they have to return.

“The Lie”–The Oceanic Six had to lie their butts off about what really happened on Flight 815, and it’s ripping people apart. But the truth has to come out eventually, and it may just do so in this episode.

“Jughead”–errr…a possible reference to the Archie comic books? And the most Jughead-ish of them all is Hurley, so we’ll just say this one is about Hurley.

“The Little Prince”–Obviously a shout-out to little Aaron. (Or maybe Walt?) We’ll see how the little guy fits into this puzzle here. Also, another classic entry for the Lost book club.

“This Place is Death”–Finally, an island-centric episode. Who is left on the island!? What’s going on on the island!? A lot of dying, apparently.

“The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”–This is the episode we’ve all been waiting for. How the heck did John Locke (or his alter ego Jeremy Bentham) end up in the coffin? We find out here, and it’s awesome.


and we end with this clip from the first episode of the year:

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say no to HIT entertainment

do my wife a favor and write a quick email to hit entertainment who released the first 3 seasons of fraggle rock but will only release the 4th season as part of a 4 season set to screw those who faithfully bought the first 3 seasons. i’ve done most of the work for you. all you need to do is cut and paste(but feel free to add your own words too):

send this:

dear sirs:

i will not be buying the complete fraggle rock set as a protest to your decision to not release the 4th season of fraggle rock.
i will also be very conscious of any future releases you have and will not be purchasing any of those.
further, like many fans, I will use blogs, internet postings and word of mouth urging others not to do business with you until you change your mind.

in fact, i learned of this on a blog posting!

please release the 4th season so that your loyal fans can complete their collections.
please also keep me updated of the situation so that my buying habits can adjust to your decision.

thank you,

to here:


here’s the full story:

Back in January it was announced that HIT! Entertainment was planning to release “Fraggle Rock: Complete Fourth Season” on DVD in fall 2008. The box set would be the final installment for Fraggle collectors, including the final 26-episodes of the beloved show plus another helping of exclusive bonus features.

Back in April, HIT Entertainment representatives began sharing an exact release date for the highly-anticipated box set. The exact message sent out by HIT’s Consumer Services (as late as July 2008) said that “Fraggle Rock Season 4 will be releases on October 28, 2008. We are not sure of what bonus features this set will include. You may want to try and email us again in August. Thank you for your interest in Fraggle Rock.” And even as late as a July 27th presentation at Comic-Con Internation, Henson Company representatives (including Red Fraggle herself) stated that the fourth season was planned for release later this year.

Now it was also announced at Comic-Con that HIT Entertainment is planning to release “Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series Collection” this fall as well. This 20-disc DVD set, with all 96 episodes, would feature the content of the first three season box sets plus the remaining fourth season episodes and a handfull of new bonus features. The item has a suggested retail price of $139.98 and is planned for release on November 4, 2008. The indication at the time of the announcement was that this big box set would arrive in stores as a complement to the separate release of Season Four on DVD. However now the studio is telling the fans something completly different.

With the formal announcement of the Complete Series Collection, eager fans and collectors began to send inquiries directly to HIT! Entertainment to find out the exact details of the supposed fourth (and final) box set. However the fans received a new and startling report from the customer service staff:

Thank you for contacting us. As of right now, we are not releasing Season 4 as a stand alone item. It is only available as part of the complete series collection. There are no plans at this time to release it alone.

According to company spokesmen, the current plan is to only release the complete series, with no current listing on the schedule for the fourth Season as a separate DVD. Needless to say, fans and collectors are outraged by this news.

People who faithfully purchased he individual season sets for the first three seasons, are now forced to re-buy seasons those seasons just the get the final 24 episodes and the last batch of bonus features. With a suggested retail price of $49.99 per season, faithful fans have already invested approximately $150 in their collections. But now they’ll have to shell out another $140 just to get the content of the last five discs of the 20-disc series set. Many fans simply can’t afford this, especially with the current economic climate.

As HIT has touted in many of their press releases, the season box sets of Fraggle Rock came as “a direct result of a fan-driven campaign calling for the series’ DVD debut“. Legions of fans proved that they were down with Fraggle Rock, as they created an online petition that was signed by more than 35,000 fans urging for the DVD release of Fraggle Rock. HIT Entertainment responded and released “Fraggle Rock: Complete First Season” in 2005. Fan loyally and enthusiastically purchased the season set, as HIT said the success of the first season would determine if the subsequent seasons would be released. Sales were good, and the second season followed in 2006. Fans again flocked to the stores to show support for the series, hoping their support would sustain the franchise. And in 2007 when season three was released, the fans purchased the set with hopes that their collections would soon be completed. However now it appears that the only way to finish one’s collection is for fans to re-buy what they have already purchased. HIT’s total disrespect for the loyal fans who have faithfully supported the series is disheartening.

We urge HIT Entertainment to rethink their strategy and release the fourth (and final) season box set separate from the complete series package. While “Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series” is great for newcomers to Fraggle Rock on DVD, HIT shouldn’t penalize the collectors who have already purchased the first three seasons independently. Fans should not have to re-buy seasons one, two and three in order to get the final installment of the series.

Now here’s where you come it; petitioning and fan support helped get Fraggle Rock onto DVD, so together hopefully we can get urge HIT to give us a respectful (and economical) close to our DVD collections. Please, take a few minute to contact HIT Entertainment and request an independent DVD release for Fraggle Rock Season Four.

The HIT customer service number is:

You can write them a letter at:
HIT Entertainment
Attn: Consumer Relations (Fraggle Rock)
PO Box 9000, Allen TX, 75013

And you can e-mail them at:

With your help, the joy of Fraggle Rock can be shared with all fans and viewers in a fair and economical way.

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