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creative juices

i had to choose between the blog, my day job or weddings. the blog lost. for now.

the bad news for my blog: i am doing something like 11 weddings this year. in perspective, i do 3-4 a year. that’s almost 4 times the number of weddings i normally do. all the creative juices i had left went to those couples and their special days and gatherings; and to my weekly sermons. i had nothing left.

the good news for my blog: i am down to 3 weddings. and i get a sabbatical in the fall. so i will attempt to dream it up again. but not if its work or no fun. i may need a few weeks before the juices flow.

hope to write to you in the fall.

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after a year or so of the discipline of writing something, posting something on my blog….i’m tired. no creative juices.

but after i head west for some real down time, i will try to dream it again.

our friend leo will still run on time….i hope.

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some of our favorite(home)things…chicken pot pie from scratch

i blog primarily to document my life. our lives in and around the agapeshack.

we’ve been painting the wrong picture for you…..we don’t eat out all the time…we actually cook a lot. especially after theresa finished classes at the french culinary institute. so as we transition into our baby days and eating out less….here are some of the everyday things we eat…because we cook them on a regular basis.


even while pregnant, theresa was cooking away. tonite, its chicken pot pie from some fresh ingredients and some pre-cooked veggies; and a delicious crust. it is accompanied by the usual salad seasoned with cheese and pepper. the pies also have cheese. when we have guests over, there’s also a lactose free version but most people take the risk and go cheese anyway. but since its just family tonite, its all cheese.


here’s a close up of the yummy goodness. she tried adding broccoli this time with mixed results. most like it but i found it spiking up like cilantro which i tolerate but do not savor. but still heartening and delicious.

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rip honey nut clusters squirrel

this used to be my favorite cereal….note the packaging including the prominent squirrel mascot….one day i could not find this cereal at my local market. but since nyc markets sometimes keep some items on limited stock, i worried not. but i could find it anywhere. maryland, nyc, nj…..it was gone! my favorite cereal! i was sad. at least a little.

but after sometime, i was stunned to find this on the shelves:

they had changed the packaging! this looks like it is targeting adults…then it occurred to me…who was the original beloved packaging hoping to reach? kids with adult sensibilities with a taste for nut clusters and a little bit of honey? adults who’s cereal eating habits are influenced by a cartoon squirrel? not much of a market i suspect. i might have been it. so i do not begrudge them for changing the package.

but…i can’t prove it yet…. the cereal also tastes different. its less sweet for sure. it just tastes flat. its just not the same. looking at the nutritional tabs, seems like there is less sugar and less fat. that would do it?

i might try one more package to make sure but i suspect that i will be sad again.

at least a little.

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why do i blog? 2009

critics of television hailing it as the harbringer of death and the end of western civilization have a specific sign for the beginning of the end: when there are television shows about television shows. when the empty medium becomes its own subject matter. of course, retrospectives and introspectives of tv have come and gone…and can be very popular.

that thought is on my mind as i blog about blogging. my own blogging. have i reached the self indulgent nadir?

a few months ago, someone wrote and asked me why i blog. at first, i blogged to understand blogging. i didn’t understand blogging so i got into the blogging mode and skin to learn about it. i stole the idea from jesus.

but now i blog to capture life.

i have been charmed by the premise of a diary or journal but have always lacked the discipline. but inspired by the challenge to write everyday to become a writer, i started doing just that…writing a little something each day no matter how small.

and what i’m writing about is life…this life i’ve been given under the delusional premise that it is worth capturing…and not just the exciting parts but i attempt to document the very mudane…what we really do…and how we really live.

and even though i write and write…i’ve discovered that i am only capturing a sliver. sobering. but i am capturing a nice cross section….and one day, my now-more-than-hypothetical child will have a living record to see what her old man was like before she was born.

i wonder if the reason i blog will change next year?

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more new york city: nintendo world wii launch

the american nintendo flagship store is in nyc so we get a lot of premieres and launches for wii products. the wii fit is the exercise peripheral that has been sold out in japan, england and now here. they did pre-sales with limited edition t-shirts and i snagged two….one for me and one for my girl, dris.

when i went to pick up my wii fit, there was a predictable mob. “sorry, sold out” was heard repeated over and over. i stepped up to the counter with my receipt and received two.

“hey! if its sold out…..why does that guy get two?” i felt like a bag of rice and beans in a refugee camp. the nintendo dudes explained to the masses that i had a presale

i told theresa….let’s get out of here….dem customers is looking at me funny.

we had to wait until dris came to pick up her wii fit so we went upstairs and took turns trying the games out. i didn’t because i don’t like to do things in public….a very weird personal quirk considering what i do on a weekly basis.

 if you look carefully behind theresa’s booty, you’ll see our nintendo booty.

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arcade fire/obama can’t stop hillary/longoria

as announced, indie act and agapeshack favorite, arcade fire performed free shows in ohio in support of obama. but the 3 shows could not generate the votes needed to get obama a victory there. this is not a surprise since as beloved as arcade fire is….they are an indie act! during the days running up to ohio and texas, hillary countered by bringing out ted danson(from cheers for the older set)and eva longoria(from desperate housewives for the everybody set) to generate buzz and support. the moral of the story is longoria beats arcade fire. hollywood beats indie.

the story has come full circle for me here because in 2007, i was looking for a ticket to an arcade fire concert outside radio city music hall and was offered one for free! it was an orchestra ticket and since arcade fire encourages rushing the stage, there was a chance to be real close! all i had to do was answer a question….who are you going to vote for, for president in 2008? in highly liberal democratic nyc, i knew the answer(obama). but i answered my conscience and said something else. the guy sneered at me and offered the ticket to a (supposed)obama supporter. a few months later, i was in texas in the front row of an arcade fire show without having to pretend to vote for obama.

oh well…..at least we/I got some nice concert footage from cleveland. here are the three most relevant songs from those concerts for the election:

rebellion(lies)….i have no recollection, senator…….

intervention….for governor bush…..

wake up(i was crying lie a little girl in texas when they came back out and encored with this….with full band version only, of course)

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