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world tour 2010

as always all dates subject to change and some maybe metaphoric

cancun march 14

the bronx? april 13

cappadocia april 16

istanbul april 23

midtown comics may 1

baltimore may 30

houston june 5

valencia june 6

anaheim june 7

catalina june 8

pasadena june 12

fairfax, va july 10

philadelphia july 12

meadowlands july 19

long island august 1

and likely more dates to come with sabbatical coming up in the fall and early winter…..

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world tour update: dallas pastors sci fi fest

what do pastors do after they finish a few days of deep theological reflection and personal introspection?

we watched this:

after the new v, my pastoral cohorts then watched district 9.  nerds!!!

my young wife asked me….what’s v?????

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world tour update: chicago

before baby mania hit our household, i went on a week long trip for 2 work conferences for a few seminars, a lot of networking and sweet reunions. so we do a flashback lost style to a simpler time…three weeks ago.


back home in the city that shaped me just as much as new york has. from 1990-2006, i frequented chicago multiple times a year including living in the western suburbs from 1990-1994. missed it greatly…and once i touched down, it was familiarly safe as home should be.



the city felt a certain way but chicago has always meant people….special relationships…

15 years of youth ministry has produced friendships across the country but especially in chicagoland. really touched that people traveled out over an hour to hang out and relive old jokes and make new ones. extremely joyous moments hanging out with people i’ve known for almost two decades….and we’re all still in the prime of our lives so there will be many more days.


what brought me to the city was work….conferences with pastors from all over the country…also good friends that i love connecting with and learning from. always very humbled and receive a lot more than i am able to contribute to the conversation.



l2 sponsored the latter part of the week and they always feed us right. each evening we got to head downtown to sample some of the favorite eats of the city including steaks at sullivan’s and of course, deep dish pizza.

a great week of relational refreshment and feasting right before my baby came. prepared me for the crush(maybe).

thanks to all involved for a great week…will see chicago again very soon. it was too long in between visits.

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world tour update: chicago, dallas

i’ve been on the road the whole week in chicago with not much time to upload pics or write posts….so only a quick wave from the chicago burbs but will put down some reflections soon. especially after some rich reunions and times with friends and fellow pastors.

happy to confirm that dallas is a go for me to see jaq jaq….enjoy:

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world tour 2009

we haven’t traveled much this year preparing for baby, saving money and vacation time. but the second half of 2009 is shaping up to include many reunions and celebration across the states. no travels abroad this time around….but we’ve got some hopes for 2010.

everything’s fluid, not everything is included(more dates to come) with some dates metaphoric for stalker purposes….but here we go…….

May 4  the Bronx
May 18 Chicago: Deerfield
May 20 Chicago: Skokie
June 11 Columbia Presbyterian
June 12 Upper, Upper west side
June 13 the back room
July 2 Hofstra
August 28 Bethesda, Md
Sept 12 Chicago
Sept 19 Roosevelt Hotel
Sept 21 Boston: Foxborough
Sept 24 New Jersey
Sept 28 Baltimore
Sept 29 Landover
Oct 1     Charlottesville
Oct 9     Camp Mariah
Oct 19   Valenica
Oct 20 Phoenix
Oct 25  Pasedena
Nov 2  Dallas
Nov 26 Baltimore
Dec 19 Rockville, Md

hope to see you sometime soon!

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world tour update: moco this saturday

SPX - The Expo

independent comics are like indie movies or indie music…..artists using their talents outside the mainstream to express theor vision and to tell their unique stories. there are two mega-indie comic shows in the us each year….one in sf and to my delight, one in bethesda, maryland. there are a dozen or so smaller shows trying to expand the market but these are the ones indie artists trek to to get buzz and hope to get discovered. but for years, taking advantage of living in montgomery county, the cbc pm would go to the small press expo in its various incarnations meeting artists like frank miller, paul pope, art spiegelman, jeff smith, craig thompson, ted rall and kyle baker. some bigger names but mostly lovable dreamers doing it for the love of the medium.

after a two year break post move to new york city, we returned to the show in 2007. and yay!…we will get to go this saturday only. so if you are in the area, stop by for our only area appearance. lunch is likely at urban bbq. a possible lost and found concert in the evening but not confirmed.

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world tour update:magic mountain…and los angeles

our updates for los angeles have gotten stale….haircuts,coloring, blah blah, blah….bbq, meat, pork, beef, yada yada yada. and our trips are spent mostly spent with family running errands like taking grandma to the doctor, picking up prescriptions, babysitting while adults go golfing. so not much excitement.

but one highlight might be our love of coasters and our visit to 6 flags premiere coaster park in valencia. we are coaster connoisseurs and try to go to at least one amusement park a year. i don’t know how many more years i’ll be able to do that….since i’m starting to feel my brain swish around in my skull when i ride these things now….but today i was fine.

last time we came here to magic mountain, it was offseason, so not all the rides were open. and new ones were still being constructed. but this crazy one called x, seen here in the foreground, rocked our world….later, we found out that it’s universally praised as a top ten coaster in the world! it felt like it……..it is definitely at the top of my list.

x recently got an upgrade to x2! you are loaded up standard but then quickly thrown every which way like they are trying to eject you off the ride!

upgrades as far as we could tell were a soundtrack including music and screaming, a paint job and some flames that you pass by that shock you with the intense heat. smoke, mirrors and hype mostly.

one of the downgrades was new seats that make the ride less scary! maybe it was too much for some folks. weird that they would hype up more thrills and actually reduce it. but its still theresa’s favorite too.

the tatsu was not finished when we were last here but we were intrigued by the promise of flying through the skies. what could they mean? once again, you are loaded in a standard fashion but then quickly…well, you see. the scary part of the ride is that the chest restraint opens outward and that same restraint is what separates you from a 300 foot fall to the ground. you wonder the whole time if this harness will hold. scary but maybe for the wrong reason.

the crowds were pretty heavy at the start of the day but that did not stop us from our obsession with the front row as we rode all the coasters in the front.  the ride and the view from the front row is totally different….its like another ride. mostly because from the front, its harder to anticipate where the car is going….even from the second row, you have the seats ahead of you to clue you in on what’s next. its worth waiting for the front. later, the crowds did thin a bit and made things easier.

8 or 9 roller coasters more and we were satisfied. actually, theresa had a headache. too much brain sloshing for her. but this is a great park for thrill rides from suspended to standing to loops to state of the art to wooden classics. if you are ever in la, head up to valencia and magic mountain.

after the park, we were off to wana iguana for some fish tacos…..the rest of our california adventures will be detailed in my food reviews. stayed tuned!

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world tour update: charm city, city of angels and big d

my lame excuse for not blogging is that we’ve been busy living and jetting around the country…..

actually, that doesn’t sound lame at all.

our annual pilgrimage to camden yards in baltimore for yankees/orioles. our deal is that we provide the tickets…you provide the car. we split gas and food…and food means baltimore specialties.

while there maybe better crabcakes from hole in the wall and local joints, we don’t do too bad with a sampling of crab yummies from the famous phillips chain. chain usually means bad…but philips means super duper yummy.

we took josiah and wing and the day looked glorious. front row again thanks to daddy pak. also, i caught this omen outside the park. clearly the “birds” were going down to the yankees.

but theresa and her orioles would rule the day and josiah would have to settle for a baseball and millar’s batting glove. just seconds before, wing being the diehard yankees fan red sox hater, was badmouthing mill-ahh…then kevin popped out of the dug out, pointed out josiah and gave him the batting glove. wing responded: “ok….he’s not that bad”.

later, an orioles coach gave josiah the baseball. good thing wing told josiah not to wear his yankee cap.



my texas years continue with more rudy’s bbq and of course, my little niece jaq. i want to see her as much as i can before she’s all grown up. my ambition dies when i think of her. the work and the world seem to fade…the important becomes a joke. all i want is……time with baby. she does this weird, wonderful thing where she looks at you and explores your face with with her hands in silence and in wonder. starting to be more aware and yet an innocence…..curiosity…..and magic….

i’m always looking for magic….

but work is why i did come to dallas this time. i am part of this asian american leadership pastor’s group gathered to learn under some of the elder statesmen of the asian church including dave gibbons, ken fong and jeff lee. it was a great time of reflection and learning….and more importantly meeting fellow pastors and hearing how god is working in their stories.

a talented member of the leadership network staff recreated all the church logos to greet us and i thought the vision logo translated well….looking pretty good.


los angeles!

a short trip so this time around la was centered about family: grandma, aunts and uncles and little cousins not so little anymore. and the necessary runs to korean bbq and in and out!

at the pool, allison does her own cali thing while danny takes after big cousin, theresa.

but it was old, old friends that brought us far west. friends i’ve known for twenty years or more! my friend warren got married to lily. here’s a shot of us old heads. we used to terrorize our youth pastor rick carey. now no one would be scared of us.

vision weddings…even ones on the west coast….have another fringe benefit: seeing vision folks i met not 20 years ago but only a few years ago…hanging out….enjoying the goodies of asian california life.

i miss these guys!

yeah….i was feeling the 21st century angst of not blogging enough…feeling lame……but it’s not that lame….to not be posting….but instead to live! to reunite! to remember! with family! old friends! new friends!

viva la vida and not following death and all of his friends.

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world tour:korean leftover loki fun

it’s over! to the displeasure of my sweet t, our trip to korea ended and we were headed home(with a big box of seaweed)…..and this is my last post about the fatherland! it’ll center around loki events as in Loki, the Norse god of mischief: weird and surreal cultural things we encountered in korea.

no better place to start than home sweet home….theresa’s aunt’s home where we stayed. i always tease visitors about the “security” cameras that we installed in the rest rooms for their safety(they don’t really exist. really). but how about a security window so that we can check in on you and your progress. i’m not kidding. take a look yourself:

here’s a view from outside the bathroom window and a view of the window as seen inside by the user. what diabolical man with a devious haircut is spying on my sweet t? but seriously, who puts a window in a bathroom….a viewing window???

here are some pics from the folk village showing ancient life including…..some weird rocklifting, manly demonstration of strength that’s got all the boys excited…and uh-oh, someone’s coloring outside the lines!

a friendly nutritional guide to what to eat and not to eat during pregnancy: fish, chicken and rice: good! but beware of duck, horse and dog lest your child inherit their characteristics! eeek!

we are posing with the standard zodiac characters that match up with our birth years….but we noticed the korean attempt to address a typical dilemma in translating the animals into american english. the words selected maybe technically correct but come across offensive. for example, who wants to know be known as a serpent? (though snake is not great either)……but the “rooster” has always generated junior high level snickers.

but all that is fixed with snippets of paper and glue sticks! you can see someone wanted to see what rooster was hiding….and tried to peel the paper with no success. but…….

if you look real close….you can read the secret word underneath……..

from the ultra clean, ultra cool seoul subway system:….nothing seemingly funny or strange at first glance…..just gas masks for the thousands of people riding the subways in case of chemical attack….except….

wah, wah……there’s only 18 of them……the other people get a fire extinguisher.

some bathroom fun…though they say men and women……they both look pretty feminine to me! if i had to pee real bad and there were no words, i would have to pause before running into one of the bathrooms and hope i got it right.

more bathroom humor and my only mockery of korean english…..another confusing mixed message as you look for relief.

even more potty humor……..its poop on a stick. i mean mr. poop on a stick. nothing says i was thinking of you in korea more than this souvenir!

we started this with the can…let’s end with it……a sophisticated one! look at the space age options on this thing! my favorites are the booty washer and dryer. i did not try it. nor did i try the wash my dress option.

but good times in korea overwhelmingly exceeded strange moments. it was a great, great trip(see the multiple earlier entries). i hope to return one day. and even though my sweet t is mad at me at the time of writing, she is still my favorite thing from korea.

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world tour update: south, south korea

when theresa informed me that we would take a trip to the south of south korea….to the farmland where her dad lived…and where her uncle continues to grow crops, raise animals….a place where the family grew up bathing in a lake ten minutes away….i balked. i envisioned squatter toilets or worse…an outhouse; sleeping in a barn…and critters! lots of critters running around my room as i try to sleep. i was not looking forward to this. especially with no information….and only with what i could imagine.

but even though the farm was old schoolish….with them making kimchi the old fashioned way in large jars outdoors, with them growing their own veggies, fruits, soy beans…theresa’s aunt and uncle lived in a modern two storied home with terraces, heated hard wood floors, critter free bedrooms and yeah! a toilet in a modern bathroom….sorta. if you notice….the bathroom is also the shower. it was a little strange showering….like…where do i put my clothes? it also felt weird because i was getting the whole room wet….but you’re supposed to.

but the real story for me is the generosity of theresa’s family. despite $100 per tank gas prices and treacherous weather conditions, they cheerfully took us all over gyungju to see the sights including the fields and fields of cherry blossoms that this region is known for…all because i mentioned in passing that i heard about the cherry blossom festival. gyungju is a few hours drive from their home!

the next day, they took us to an incredible sight in their back yard. not that far from their farm was a buddhist temple built by a family friend. i was respectful since i usually am not that thrilled with visiting temples especially with the burning incense that makes my senses revolt. but it was stunning….the family friend made all these buddhas…..

they took us to see some other natural sights including a few amusing moments. they made us rub the buddha mostly for baby luck hoping that it would help us in our fertility. we also stumbled across a stone tribute to an old school korean game that i saw in college and on fat albert called buck buck. i kid you not….you stick your heads in each other’s crotches while others jump on top of you to try to break the chain.

i tried to join in and paid for it.

i was overwhelmed by their generosity. they stuffed us with snacks, both korean and american because they didn’t know what we would eat so they got a variety; they paid for every meal including soondiboo, pork bbq and a traditional korean meal with tons of little dishes…they even stopped to get the signature read bean cakes of the region for us. they gave us money. they bought us tickets for the fast train back to korea so we could have more time back in seoul.

then they asked us to forgive them…..if they did anything wrong.


they did nothing wrong. they opened their home to me. they lavished generosity on me. they made every effort to show love. their humility humbled me. their desire to welcome me into the family left me silent.

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